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Flower Watching Schedule in Kunming

Kunming is suitable to travel all year round, with great weather, magnificent sceneries and splendid culture. Except for the well-known name as Spring City, Kunming is also called the “Flower City”. If you’re a nature lover, a flower watching tour in Kunming will be a perfect plan for you. No matter which season you’re planning to visit Kunming, there are flowers blossoming. Read the flower watching schedule in Kunming and start to plan your trip right away.

Camelias —— Golden Temple (January)

Camelia is regarded as the city flower of Kunming, meanwhile, it is also one of the famous flowers in Yunnan. The Golden Temple Park will be the best place for you to appreciate camelias in Kunming. In the camelia garden of the Golden Temple Park, there are almost 400, 000 camelias of about 1,200 species. The most beautiful spot is the core location of the Golden Temple, with the brightest color.


Plum Blossoms —— Black Dragon Pool Park (January)

In Black Dragon Pool Park, you can watch two varieties of plum blossoms, which makes this park more charming. With thousands of plum trees, this park has the largest plum garden in southwestern China. Furthermore, the plum garden is connected with ancient architectures of ethnic style in Yunnan, showing a silent beauty of plum blossoms.

Magnolias —— Tanhua Temple/Western Hill (February)

February is suitable for appreciating magnolias. Where to see magnolias in Kunming? Tanhua Temple is an ideal place, there is a 300-year-old magnolia tree inside the park. Unlike Yuantong Temple, architectures in Tanhua Temple are small and delicate, the magnolia garden also has a perfect match of trees, flowers to pavilions and corridors.

If you’re going to visit Kunming in February, don’t miss the magnolia garden when you go to the Western Hill. The faint fragrance smells great in the fresh air around the park.

Tulips —— Laoyuhe Park (February)

For those tourists who love tulips, you definitely don’t want to miss Laoyuhe Park during your Kunming tour. During February, tens of thousands of tulips are blossoming in Laoyuhe Park. Even though there are various colors, all the colors of the flowers are mixed in a harmonious way, which is a visual treat for all the visitors.

Cherry Blossoms —— Yuantongshan Park (March)

Kunming is not the best place in China for appreciating cherry blossoms. However, there are plenty of cherry trees in Kunming, you can even see cherry blossoms along the streets. Moreover, cherry blossoms in Yuantongshan Park have attracted a lot of tourists coming for a visit in spring. The best time is from February to March. For more places to watch beautiful cherry blossoms, read Appreciate Cherry Blossoms in Kunming.

Cherry Blossoms

Chinese Flowering Crabapples —— Yunnan University (March)

Chinese Flowering Crabapples make the Yunnan University so enchanting in March. The pink flowers and characteristic architectures in the campus create a romantic atmosphere. When the spring breeze blows, the pink petals are falling all over the ground, what a poetic picture. Additionally, you can also watch cherry blossoms in Yunnan University.

Rape Flowers —— Tanglangchuan, Anning (March)

Luoping is not the only place for you to see those golden flowers, you can consider a visit to Tanglangchuan, Anning. This place is about 35 kilometers from Kunming, you can see a sea of rape flowers along your way. Hiking is recommended, the sceneries in the countryside is amazing.

Pear Blossoms —— Wanxichong, Chenggong (April)

If you’ve got a flexible schedule, we suggest you try something new. During April, there is a snow-white world in Wanxichong, Chenggong, where ten thousand acres of pear trees are covered with flowers.

Pear Blossoms

Peonies —— Tanhua Temple (May)

As what we mentioned above, Tanhua Temple is quite suitable to appreciate magnolias. In May, peonies in Tanhua Temple are gorgeous as well. The petals of peonies are in atmospheric patterns, with bright colors.  

Lavenders —— Huanhu Donglu/Chenggong (June)

Speaking of lavenders, the first place in your mind must be Provence. Here in Kunming, you can have a chance to enter a romantic world with a sea of purple flowers. If you want to have a fantastic experience in Kunming, just go to Huanhu Donglu or Chenggong.

Lotuses —— Green Lake Park/Daguan Park (July)

Summer is a wonderful season for lotuses. The flowers look more beautiful with the azure green leaves. And those lotuses perfume the whole park when they are in full blossoms. Both Green Lake Park and Daguan Park are suitable for watching lotuses.

Green Lake Park

Sunflowers —— Tanglangchuan, Anning (August)

As you may watch rape flowers in Tanglangchuan in spring, it will be great to watch sunflowers in summer. The best time for visiting is from mid-July to mid-August. However, it won’t be very hot, you can enjoy a leisure walk and appreciate large sunflower blossoms. This golden world is really marvelous under the cloud-filled blue sky.

Sweet-scented Osmanthus —— Golden Temple/ Black Dragon Pool Park (September)

In September, you can smell bursts of osmanthus fragrance, these fragrances are full of gardens. You may enjoy the refreshing fragrance in both Golden Temple and Black Dragon Pool Park.

The flowering date of sweet-scented osmanthus is around the Mid-Autumn Day in China, which is great for Chinese people to see the full moon and enjoy the fragrance with their families.

Sweet-scented Osmanthus 

Galsang Flowers —— Stone Forest (October)

If you’re visiting Stone Forest in October, you can see a thousand acres of Galsang flowers in Naigu. With the background of stone forests in grey and black color, those pink and white flowers look really pretty, especially under the sunshine.

Galsang Flowers

Cherry Blossoms —— Hongta Xilu (December)

Winter cherry in Kunming normally blossoms in December. If you’re traveling to Kunming in December, the best place for you to appreciate cherry blossoms is Hongta Xilu. There are about 600 cherry trees along the two sides of Hongta Xilu. In addition, Haigeng Park and Western Hill are nearby, you can go for a visit as well.

Create a Kunming Flower Watching Tour

By reading the flower watching schedule in Kunming, you can pick your travel date according to flowers you like. For the exact date, you can contact us for the latest information. If you have no idea about how to plan your flower watching tour, see our sample tours below for some inspirations.

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