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Useful Information of Huanglong Scenic Area

As one of the World Natural Heritage site, Huanglong is touching Jiuzhaigou, and it is also a hot tourist destination. Here we would like to list some useful information about Huanglong so that you can get touch with the highlight of this place.
Huanglong Scenic Area

Eating in Huanglong

Goods and materials in Huanglong are mostly from outside, so eating inside the scenic spot is quite expensive. Do not have too much expectation on catering in Huanglong Scenic Area. In the local hotel you can enjoy yak meat, fungus, yam zanba (roasted barley flour), Jiuzhai persimmon cakes, buckwheat bread, Jiuzhai pickled Chinese cabbage noodles and other delicacies. The characteristics of the Huanglong catering mainly have three parts. First of all is the Tibetan food like zanba, buttered tea, and dairy products. Huanglong is subordinate to the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, at present people there basically retain the traditional folk customs and living habits. The second are local cuisines using the local officinal plants and poultry to make the medicated diet, such as duck with Chinese caterpillar fungus, chicken with fritillaria, etc. And the third are the dishes using wildfoods from mountain resources.

Need to remind visitors: Tibetan flavor may not suit your taste, so it is suggested to bring some convenient food for a rainy day.
► Aba Specialty (阿坝特色小吃店)
Aba Specialty is a restaurant that using local materials which are environment friendly, healthy, and tasty. Its main products are: yak meat, barley pancake, buttered tea, potato products, and eco smoked pot, etc.
► Cuckoo Forest Restaurant (杜鹃林餐厅)
In the middle temple of Huanglong Scenic Area, there is a unique style rest stop for rest—Cuckoo Forest Rest Station, which offers visitors a pleasant eating environment, and has set up a free oxygen bar. Tourists can enjoy diet of ethnic snacks here, where there are many different kinds of delicious and strong ethnic characteristics snacks with reasonable price. At the same time tourists can also burn incense in the temple to worship. If there are any travel problems, Cuckoo Forest staff will be earnest to help the tourists.
► Bilaike (必来客)
Bilaike is a two-floor fast food restaurant outside the Huanglong scenic spot, providing roast chicken, burger, steak, pizza, dessert, etc.
► Visitors Center Second Floor Restaurant (游人中心二楼餐厅)
The second floor of Visitors Center is a restaurant, the room internal environment is elegant with large capacity. The hall can accommodate 500 people dining at the same time, and there are VIP rooms in the restaurant. The restaurant can undertake various different standards of banquet meal.

Accommodation in Huanglong

► Seercuo International Hotel
Chinese Name: 瑟尔嵯国际大酒店
Telephone: 0837-8759222
Location: Seercuo village, Huanglong township, Songpan county, Sichuan province
Official Website: http://www.sechotel.com
Huanglong Seercuo International Hotel is located in the world heritage Huanglong scenic area, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, and it is only 1 km away from the entrance of Huanglong scenic spot, 50 kilometers away from Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport, 60 km from Songpan Ancient Town. The scenery here is beautiful, ecological and original.

Huanglong Seercuo International Hotel is a state-owned joint-stock enterprise invested by Huanglong National Scenic Area Administration, Jiuzhaigou tourism co., LTD. It was constructed according to the five star standard, combined with guest room, catering, entertainment, and meeting as a whole comprehensive tourist hotel. Seercuo International Hotel has both feedings simple and full-bodies Tibetan and Qiang culture atmosphere, also luxurious, elegant and modern fashion style. It is the Huanglong Scenic Area the first five-star level hotel now, and it was constructed by the international first-class architect, everywhere reveals a rich folk flavor.
► Huanglong Seercuo Hotel
Chinese Name: 黄龙瑟尔嵯宾馆
Telephone: 0837-7249156
Location: outside the Huanglong Scenic Area
Huanglong Seercuo Hotel belongs to the Huanglong scenic area, 200 meters away from the scenic spot, the convenient geographical conditions provide tourists convenient tourist services. Its surrounding is the mountain, the scenery around is beautiful that there is snow-capped mountain which look likes jade, lush forest which is emerald green and clear water, there are public facilities of parking lot and rest designed for tourists; Also there is integrated tourism services with the trade service, restaurant, teahouse, Bilaike fast-food restaurant and new robin cake shop.
► Hualong Hotel
Chinese Name: 华龙山庄
Hualong Hotel is located in Huanglong world natural scenic area in the north of Songpan County of Sichuan province. It covers an area of 17 acres, building area of 17300 square meters, invested by citic group (Hong Kong) co., LTD. and China poly group co., LTD., and formally opened in August 1, 1999.

Hotel overall pattern combined with modern style and national characteristics, has a capacity of 154 luxurious guest rooms of all types. It can offer exquisite Sichuan and Jiangsu cuisines and various local pollution-free wild funguses. The hotel can host 550 people dining at the same time and 130 people meeting at the same time.

The hotel facilities are advanced and complete, can provide western-style bars, Chinese style tea house, oxygen bar, beauty salon, plateau treatment of traditional Chinese medicine health care, karaoke, business center, color film processing, the folk characters handicraft shops and so on many services.
► Dawan Village Farmhouses
Chinese Name: 大湾村农家乐

Dawan village, which is 5 km distance from Huanglong scenic area has more than ten farmhouses, and they can provide accommodation, catering, tourism services such as shopping, for tourist who do not have much requirement about accommodation and catering, these farmhouses also are good choice.

Best Time to Travel Huanglong

If you still don't know what the best time to go to Huanglong is, at least you should know what not a good time to go is. Don't go there on the first week of October. Each year from July to September is Jiuzhaigou tourist season and "the first week of October" is an extreme peak. The first week of October is the National Day Golden Week, flock of tourists not only make the quality of tourism slip away, also let scenic spot administrator feel hard in the protection and coordination. What the worst is that, high strength of over-saturation for a long time state damages the already fragile ecological environment which is difficult to restore. In fact, you can just retard the trip one or two weeks, that is the best time to go to Huanglong.

Mid to late October each year is the most brilliant moment in Huanglong, as if to show all the most beautiful clothes before the arrival of winter, you will find the color of valley every day, every moment, every place is changing.

The winter and early summer of Huanglong has different scenery, especially in quiet winter, there is few people tread in the mountain. Haizi, waterfall, frozen water, it is the true nature. But if it is your first time to Huanglong, it is suggested to travel in autumn. By the way, if you must travel in the "National Day Golden Week", it is best to choose a travel agency with high reputation; before you go you need to make agreement with travel agency that what are force majeure factors.

How to Get to Huanglong Scenic Spot

► Air
The convenient way to travel Huanglong is taking flight to Chengdu or Chongqing first, and then transferring to Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong Airport (Jiuhuang Airport). There are many flights from all big cities in domestic to Chengdu or Chongqing.
From Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to Jiuhuang Airport there are many flights, nearly 20 flights a day, the driving time is about 40 minutes. But there are fewer discounts. From Chongqing Jiangbei Airport to Jiuhuang Airport, there is less flights, only several flights everyday, the driving time is about 1 hour. But the discount air ticket is much cheaper than flight from Chengdu.
► Railway
There are direct trains to Chengdu from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xian, Kunming, Urumqi, and Lanzhou. Tourists can take train through Baocheng Route to Chengdu, Guangyuan or Jiangyou, and then transfer bus to Huanglong. Taking train is quite tired and the trains are easily to be late behind schedule.
► Road
There is no direct bus from Chengdu, Mianyang and Dujiangyan to Huanglong, so tourists can take bus to Jiuzhaigou, Songpan, or Chuanzhu Temple first and then transfer bus or charter car to Huanglong.
► Transport inside Huanglong Scenic Spot
There are free cableway buses in the scenic spot, it is around 2 km from the valley entrance to the cableway station. Tourists can take cableway or walk through the sightseeing path to visit Huanglong. And there are 4 parking lots of the scenic spot.