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Jiuzhaigou Valley Photography Tips

Traveling to Jiuzhaigou, the most important things you can not be forgotten are the camera and the charger, and also be sure to bring the memory card for enough photos, because the beauty of Jiuzhaigou Valley is everywhere. If you just take a little small digital camera, then you will need to select and delete pictures at last, and each one is reluctant to delete.
Jiuzhaigou Valley is also a wonderful spot for wedding photos. There are wedding photography tour routes, which people can appreciate the beauty of Jiuzhaigou Valley while leaving the most precious memory in lifetime.
Jiuzhaigou currently opens three valleys: Shuzheng Valley, Zecha Valley and Rize Valley. These valleys are north south orientation, so there is sunshine in the valleys from 8:00 to 17:00. It is suitable to shoot pictures the whole days.

Shuzheng Valley Photography Tips

Reed Sea
The first shooting point in Shuzheng Valley is the Reed Sea, which is a large rare plateau reeds. The good place to shooting Reed Sea is at the 10 m high hill at the road side where take a sudden turn to right. In summer and autumn, there is sunshine after 9:00.

Time for each spots with good light for shooting
Sparkling Lake (Huohua Sea): 9:00-10:00
Shuzhengqunhai: around 9:30 Tiger Lake: 11:00
Rhinoceros Lake: about 9:30
Norilang Waterfall is located at the end of the Shuzheng Valley. The best shooting time here is from 10:00 to 12:00. In the afternoon, the waterfall is almost backlight in the shadow.

Zechawa  Valley Photography Tips

Zecha Valley’s mainly attractions are the Long Sea, the Five Color Pool and the white birch forest which 2 km away from the Zechawa Restaurant. As now in the valley you can take sightseeing bus and the bus only stop at the Long Sea and Five Color Pool, if you want want to take picture at other spots you had to walk there. The Five Color Pool is suitable for shooting the whole day.

Rize Valley Photography Tips

The shooting point in Rize Valley are Mirror Lake, Pearl Beach, Fiver Color Pool, Swan Sea and so on. The Mirror Lake should be shooting before 8:00 in the morning mirror the sea beat when before 8:00, when the lake is as quite as a mirror. Pearl Beach Waterfall should be shoot between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, as during this time, the sunshine just shines into the waterfall. Fiver Color Pool is suitatble for shooting both in the morning and afternoon. Generally speaking, at around 9:00, it is the good for shooting by the Five Color Pool, and at 4:00 p.m., you can take full picture of the Five Color Pool at the Tiger Mouth Cliff. Arrow Bamboo Lake is not so unique in summer and autumn, but very special in winter while the lake was half forzen.

The Swan Lake, which is not so notified by people, is also a good place for good pictures, espeically at 2:00 -3:00 in the afternoon. In autumn, the maple leaves beside the stream along the road is one of the most beautiful Maple Leaf Areas in Jiuzhaigou.
Jiuzhaigou’s winter, summer, autumn are all good season for taking good photos. The most beautiful autumn is at the period of mid-October to late October. In winter, the sceneries are mainly frozen waterfalls and semi-frozen lakes. If it is snow, there will be a beautiful fairy tale world. Never min cloudy weather, as scattered light in cloudy day can show the hierarchy and color of the scene better, while in big sunny days the light contrast is too big. But take picture in cloudy day, you should aviod the sky in the photos, and exposure to the shadow of the scene.