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7 Things Not to Do in Huangshan

For those travelers who are into mountain views, Huangshan Mountain will be a wonderful option. Regarded as the most fantastic mountain under heaven, Huangshan Mountain owns really spectacular geological landforms. In order to do your Huangshan tour more smoothly, please continue reading the top 7 things not to do in Huangshan.


1.Don’t Visit Huangshan During Chinese Holidays.

Try to avoid visiting Huangshan during Chinese holidays, or else all you can see on the Yellow Mountain is Chinese tourists. No kidding. Also, it will be quite difficult for you to book accommodation on the mountain. Generally speaking, don’t choose your travel date during Labor Day (May 1-3), National Day (October 1-7) and summer vacation for students (July and August).

If you want to avoid the crowds, winter will be good for you to visit Mt. Huangshan. Even though it’s a bit cold there, beautiful winter sceneries on the mountain won’t let you down. What’s more, you will spend less money compared to high season.

Mt. Huangshan


2.Don’t Ignore the Weather Report.

Do remember to check the weather report, as you won’t see anything except mist on the mountain if it’s an overcast day. Moreover, rainy season in Huangshan is from May to June, it’s really important to check the weather report before you go out. It’s really dangerous to hike on Mt. Huangshan on thunderstorm day.

If your travel date is around summer, don’t forget to take rain gear with you. Raincoat is more suitable than umbrella. What’s more, outdoor shoes and water-proof jacket will be better for hiking.

Mt. Huangshan in the Fog


3.Don’t Only Go to Huangshan Mountain.

Don’t assume that Mount Huangshan is the only place for you to explore, there are still lots of spots nearby, which are worth-visiting. During your Huangshan tour, you can not only enjoy extraordinary natural sceneries, but also explore the long history and splendid culture in the ancient villages.

Our Customers in Hongcun Village

  • Hongcun Village: you can take a stroll around 140 traditional houses built during the Ming and Qing Dynasty, which show the characteristic architectural style of Huizhou.
  • Xidi Village: you can appreciate more ancient buildings, which make a perfect match with stone-paved roads, delicate wood and stone carvings.
  • Tunxi Old Street: walk along the old street to seek for some delicious local snacks and featured specialties.
  • Wuyuan County: from March to April, you can enjoy beautiful view of a sea of rape flowers among ancient architectures.


4.Don’t Neglect Your Own Safety.

You should always keep in mind that your safety is the priority during your Huangshan tour. When hiking Huangshan Mountain, you should mind the steps, don’t take pictures while walking. Remember to slow down your pace when you go downhill, there are several dangerous sections along the way.

Be aware that smoking is only allowed at the smoking areas, for the sake of fire protection on the mountain. If you have more concerns about your safety, just contact us for some safety tips in Huangshan, we’re pleased to help you out.


5.Don’t Forget to Take Some Food with You.

It’s better to bring a backpack and prepare some food and water. Unless necessary, don’t buy food on the mountain, because everything will be more expensive on Mt. Huangshan. If you don’t want to spend more money on the same item, we suggest you buy some snacks ahead of time, fresh fruits will also be good. Go to Beihai Scenic Area if you really have to buy something.


6.Don’t Miss the Best Spots for Photography.

Speaking of representative wonders of Mount Huangshan, we have to mention the strange pines, absurd stones, sea of clouds and hot springs. And for the outstanding natural beauty of Mount Huangshan, it’s really important to find the best spots for different views. Don’t miss these spots if you’re a shutterbug.

Watch Sunrise on Mt. Huangshan

  • Sunrise: Refreshing Terrace; Dawn Pavilion; Lion Peak; Jade Screen Pavilion; Bright Summit Peak
  • Sunset: Cloud Dispersing Pavilion; Red Cloud Peak; Bright Summit Peak
  • Sea of Clouds: Jade Screen Pavilion; Refreshing Terrace; Cloud Dispersing Pavilion; Bright Summit Peak; White Goose Hill
  • Snow: North Sea Scenic Area; Songgu Scenic Area; Yungu Scenic Area; Hot Spring Scenic Area


7.Don’t Hesitate to Buy Some Tea in Huangshan.

Local tea in Huangshan enjoy a great fame in China and also in the world. Famous tea are mainly Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Qimen Black Tea and other green tea, you can have a try and buy some if you love drinking tea. If you’re confused on what to buy as souvenirs for your friends, don’t hesitate to buy some tea when traveling in Huangshan.


Do Remember to Enjoy Your Trip in Huangshan.

By knowing the top 7 things not to do in Huangshan, we guess you may plan your Huangshan trip more easily. Please feel free to share your ideas with us, we’re glad to hear from you. See our sample tours for Huangshan.

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