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How to Get to Jiuhua Mountain from Huangshan


Where is Jiuhua Mountain?

Located in Qingyang County, Chizhou City in Anhui province in China, Jiuhua Mountain is famous for its rich landscape and ancient temples. It is about 140 kilometers away from Huangshan.

Jiuhua Mountain is one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism. The other three are Mount Wutai in Shanxi Province, Mount Emei in Sichuan Province and Mount Putuo in Zhejiang Province. As a popular pilgrimage destination, it is very famous in the southeastern part of China.


How to Get to Jiuhua Mountain from Huangshan?

By coach seems to be the only and the best way to get to Jiuhua Mountain from Huangshan. But there are bus stations in Huangshan. One called Huangshan Bus Station is located Tangkou County, near to the southern gate of Huangshan Scenic Area; the other called Tunxi Bust Station is located in city downtown of Huangshan. And the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area is about 65 kilometers away from city downtown of Huangshan. So, before your departure from Huangshan, you should know which bus station you are going to start off.

►From Huangshan Tangkou Bus Station
Huangshan Tangkou Bus Station is near to the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area. There are two coaches leaving for Jiuhua Mountain every day at this station. They depart at 6:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. every day. It takes about 3 hours to reach Jiuhuashan Bus station. Then you can change to a minibus or a van to reach Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area. 

►From Tunxi Bus Station
There is only one direct bus/coach at Tunxi Bus Station which takes you directly to Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area. it usually departs at 1:30 p.m. and takes about 3 hours.

But if you miss the direct bus/coach, you can also hip on a bus which passes by Qingyan County, where Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area is located. You can ask the driver to stop at Qingyang, so that you can change to a minibus to reach Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area. There are a couple of stop-over buses via Qingyan from Tunxi Bus Station every day.

In addition, if you are traveling with a larger group, it is worthwhile to hire a driver/car for your travel to Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area. In this case, your trip will be much comfortable and flexible. But the price would be much than taking the public bus/coach at bus station. TopChinaTravel can offer this kind of chartering car service for our client, if you need, you can just let us know.

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