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3 Classic Huangshan Hiking Routes

Huangshan, one of the classic hiking destinations in China, offers 3 classic Huangshan hiking routes including Xin'an River route, West Sea Grand Canyon route, and Mt. Huangshan Front Mountain route (Ciguangge Temple - Yupinglou/Bright Summit Peak). In the following, I will introduce these routes separately.

 Xin'an River Hiking Route

Xin'an River is located in the Shexian County as one of the most famous hiking destinations in China because of the famous "The 100-mile Gallery" scenic area. This is the one of 3 classic Huangshan hiking routes that worth a visit.

Whole Hiking Route: Xiongcun Village-Pukou-Nanyuankou-Kengkou-Zhangtan-Shendu Town
*Chinese: 熊村-浦口-南源口-坑口-漳潭-深渡镇
►Level: Easy
Distance: 31km
Scenery: ★★★★
Best time to hiking: Late March to Early April for rape blossom. Late May for loquat fruit
Hiking suggestion:
1. Better to hightlight parts to rather than the whole route
2. Highlight parts: 
♦Pukou - Nanyuankou - Kengkou 
♦Zhangtan Area

Highlight part: Nanyuankou (南源口) - Kengkou(坑口)

►Detailed route: Nanyuankou - Yuelingxia Village - Yuelingwu Village - Hongling Village - Yuekeng Village & Xiangyang Village - Kengkou
*Chinese: 南源口-瀹岭下村-瀹岭坞村-洪岭村-瀹坑村向阳村-坑口
►Level: Easy
►Scenery Along: rape flower scenery, ancient Hui-style villages


West Sea Grand Canyon Route

West Sea Grand Canyon or Xihai Grand Canyon, Chinese 西海大峡谷, is one of the must-see parts of Mt. Huangshan. West Sea Grand Canyon, as the valley has the Baiyun Creek in it, also known as "White Cloud Valley". It is one of the famous grand canyons in the Yellow Mountain, which allows people to enjoy the sight of the valley on the circling halfway canyon.3 classic Huangshan hiking routes are worthy of visiting.

►Whole Hiking Route: Baiyun Hotel/Tianhai - Buxian Bridge - Bottom of West Sea Grand Canyon (Cable Way Station) - Second Ring - First Ring - Cloud Dispelling Pavilion or reverse direction
*Chinese: 白云宾馆/天海-步仙桥-谷底(缆车站)-二环-一环-排云亭
►Level: Hard
►Scenery: ★★★★★
►Highlight: West Sea Grand Canyon - one of the most beautiful valleys in the world
Best time to hiking: Spring or Autumn days in late March, April, May, Sept, and early October
►Hiking suggestion:
1. The altitudes wide range will add difficulty to hikers.
Canyon top: altitude around 1700m
Canyon bottom: altitude around 1300m
2. Cloud Dispelling Pavilion is a famous site to see sunset
3. There is a cable way between canyon top and bottom, 3 min one way.Consider about it if you could not hike the whole route.

Mt. Huangshan Front Mountain Route 

Mt. Huangshan Front Mountain contains a classic Huangshan hiking route: Ciguangge Temple - Yupinglou/Bright Summit Peak. This route includes so many landmarks of Mt. Huangshan, such as Guest Greeting Pine (迎客松), Crucian Backbone (鲫鱼背), etc.. 

Whole Hiking Route: Mercy Light of Temple - Lima Brindge - Banshan Temple - Celestial Peak - Guest Greeting Tree - Yupinglou Hotel or reverse direction
►Level: Hard 
►Highlight: Celestial Peak (天都峰) including Crucian Backbone route is the necessary part for hiking fans
►Best time to hiking: Spring or Autumn days in late March, April, May, Sept, and early October
►Hiking suggestion:
1. Celestial Peak is reopen since 2014.4.1, after a 4-year closed protection project.
2. Some parts of this route are narrow for just 1 person in normal stature passing, cut down the size of your backpack in advance
3. Celestial Peak part including Crucian Backbone may be a little hard for some female hikers

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