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Hohhot East Railway Station

Hohhot East Railway Station
is the second largest train station in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Hohhot East Railway Station started construction since September 2006.  In 2010, after the 4 years construction, the large modern passenger terminal was formed. East Station with a total construction area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters, has six stations, 30 ticket windows, and its waiting area is 5 times bigger than the original train station. General layout sets 7 arrival-departure   tracks, 2 truck departure lines, 2 main lines, and 3 intermediate platforms. At the western end of the platform, there is a five-meter-wide parcel authentic one. Station house has 24 lifts and the station can hold a maximum number of up to 10,006 persons.

Basic Information of Hohhot East Railway Station

English Name:
Hohhot East Railway Station
Chinese Name:
At east part of Hohhot, 8.7 km away from Hohhot railway station
On September 10, 2006, the station was started to construct. Design layout consists of passenger room, platform shelters, railway stations, platforms and elevated pedestrian skyway bridge, underground walkways, parking lots and passenger plaza, with a total area of ​​about 1500 acres. Station house according to the highest number of 6,000 people gathered designed, with the overall length of 315 meters building, 80 meters wide, 45 meters high, the use of elevated waiting and outbound line layout. It is divided into the elevated station layer, platform layer, and the station level three levels. Bus station yard estimated 1.02 billion yuan investment.
Hohhot East Railway Station design reflects the "people-oriented" concept, the theme of "Prairie Qionglu, eagle wings, clouds hometown, blue city" as a modeling conception, considering functional, systematic, prospective, culture and economy, will architecture and modern transportation organic integration of geographical and cultural characteristics. After the completion of the new station, will greatly enhance the image of the capital and urban quality for the region's people travel to provide a more comfortable and convenient conditions to improve the railway transport capacity in central and western autonomous region will play a positive role in promoting.

Transportation Tips

You can take No. 19 and No.83 buses to get to the Hohhot East Railway Station.