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Best Places to Visit in Huhhot

Best Places to visit in Huhhot are famous attractions of this City, such as Xilamuren Grassland, Zhaojun Tomb, Dazhao Temple, Five Pagodas Temple, Inner Mongolia Museum. These top attractions in Huhhot are very popular for tourists, which are must see attractions that you should not miss. Please come with TopChinaTravel to explore the amazing Huhhot.

Xilamuren Grassland

Xilamuren Grassland is one of the must-see attractions in Inner Mongolia. In Mongolian language, Xilamuren means "yellow water", and some people would like to call it "Zhao River". This grassland is about 90km away from Hohhot in the north.

Xilamuren Grassland is that it remains cool even during hot summer. It houses a total number of 62 Mongolian yurts of which 30 are standard. Another important site here is the magnificent Puhui Monastery built during the Qing Dynasty in 1769. It was built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, primarily for the Sixth Living Buddha.  Now it is a complex of three halls with carved ceilings and painted beams. The beautiful Xilamuren River surrounds the temple, presenting a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Boasting of more than 6000 square metres, Xilamuren Grassland includes reception facilities and is able to accommodate even 2,500 guests.

Zhaojun Tomb

Zhaojun Tomb, or called the Tomb of Wang Zhaojun, is said to be the resting place of the famous historic princess Wang Zhaojun whose husband was a Xiongnu Chanyu. This site is located by the Da Hi River nine kilometers south of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Built in the West Han Dynasty, this tomb has more than 2,000 years' history and now is regarded as one of the national cultural heritage in China. The cemetery is 13,000 m², with a 33 metre mound containing Zhaojun's coffin, making it a landmark of the region.

In Mongolian language, Hohhot means "green city" which is said derived from the Green Mound. And Zhaojun Tomb, one of the Green Mounds in Hohhot, became top eight sceneries in Hohhot. The charming surroundings, reflecting the fantastic sunrise and sunset, change all the time with unimaginable scenes in one day.

Inner Mongolia Museum

Inner Mongolia Museum is located in the city center of Hohhot City. Built in May 1, 1957, it is the only provincial comprehensive museum in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Administrative Region. With a total area of 15,000 square meters, the exhibition area is about 7, 000 square meters, boasting a good selection of Mongolian items and a historical lineage of this vast grassland.

The running horses on the top of the building aim to express the rapid developing Inner Mongolia. Since the opening day, this museum has been the symbol of Hohhot till now.This museum was founded on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in 1957. The building, expressive of local minority characteristics, is located at the intersection of Xinhua Dajie and Zhongshan Lu in the heart of Hohhot City, the capital of the autonomous region. 

Five Pagodas Temple

Five Pagodas Temple is located in the city of Hohhot. This temple was built in Qing Dynasty. The total height of it is 16.5 meters. Comparative with the Five Pagodas Temple in Beijing,  this one is also showing a dense religious atmosphere and will bring visitors the real experience in a Chinese religious temple.

Compared with other pagodas, Five-Pagoda Temple is unique in at least two aspects: its special structure, pagodas over pagoda, and the green and yellow colored glazes on the short eaves and tops of pagodas. Those make Five-Pagoda Temple quite special, a treasure of Hohhot City. Note: The government of Hohhot City plans to restore the sites in Five-Pagoda Temple. The projected will be finished in July according to the schedule.

Dazhao Temple

Dazhao Temple is located in the northern Hohhot. Built in 1580, it is the first Lamaism Temple in Hohhot. And originally set the silver Buddha figure of Sakyamuni, the lamasery was called silver Buddha figure temple in the ancient time.

The temple is now a well-known tourist attraction because of the impressive buildings, splendid statues, delicate frescos, musical instruments and fine collection of Buddhist scriptures. Of its abundant religious relics perhaps the most notable are the "Three Marvelous Treasures", a title given to the Silver Buddha, the carved dragons on the huge golden pillars on either side of the statue and the murals commemorating the Emperor's visit.

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