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How to Plan a Trip to China Snow Town from Harbin

For a winter vacation in China, where should you go? Of course, China Snow Town. It has a big name in China and the world for its overwhelming beauty and the thickest snow for having fun. Here we make this article for tourists who are planning a trip to China Snow Town, and it will give you a big help for this trip planning.


How to Get to China Snow Town from Harbin

How to plan a trip to China Snow Town from Harbin

By train (Harbin-Yabuli-China Snow Town)

Tourists could take high speed bullet train from Harbin Railway Station to Yabuli West Railway Station, and it costs only 32.5 yuan for a hard seat, and a single trip takes 1 hour 20 min.

Then take bus at Yabuli West Railway Station to China Snow Town, which runs 2 h 20 min, and costs 85 yuan per person. Buses are available at 08:20, 9:40, 10:30, 13:20 and 15:20.

By bus (Harbin-China Snow Town)

Tourists could take bus at Nangang Bus Station or Zhongyang Dajie Bus Station to China Snow Town tourist center, and the bus departs at 6:00, 8:00, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, and 12:00, runs about 5.5 hours, and costs 120 yuan per person.

If you arrive at Harbin by plane, you should first take airport shuttle bus or taxi to the bus station or the railway station for departure to China Snow Town. Except from Harbin, tourists could also take bus to China Snow Town from places like Yalingbu Ski Resort, Erlanghe Scenic Area, Mudanjiang, Changchun, Wusong Islet and Mount Changbai.


China Snow Town Facts

How to plan a trip to China Snow Town from Harbin

China Snow Town is also named Shuangfeng Forest Farm, a part of China Snow Town National Forest Park, located in Changting town, Mudanjiang city of Heilongjiang province, 320 km away from Harbin. China Snow Town consists of several parts, China Snow Town Scenic Area, Primitive Scenic Area, Hailang River Drift Scenic Area, Dream Home, Erlanghe River Scenic Area, China Town Film Base, Snow Town Ski Resort, etc.

Best time to visit China Snow Town

Best time to visit China Snow Town: from December to March.

From December to March of the next year, China Snow Town enters into a heavy snow season, with a lay of the thickest snow on lands. Together with trees, houses, and other things, it forms the most beautiful snow scene, suitable for participating in snow activities. At the beginning of December, there are not many tourists. People who enjoy quiet tours can choose this time to travel. From the middle of December, China Snow Town is in a peak season to welcome tourists from all over the world. Snow eaves and snow mushrooms are fully displayed under the sculpture of nature to tourists. During Spring Festival, there is a big chance that the tour price will go higher, and tourists who want to save money could avoid travelling in this time. From February to March, China Snow Town has the most frequent and the heaviest snowfall, and it is the best time for photography.

China Snow Town Weather

China Snow Town has an average temperature between -2.7℃ to 0℃, and it begins to snow in October,. With a snow season from October to April, the snow depth could reach 2 meters, which gives overwhelming advantages to make incredible snow scenes and participate in snow activities. From December to February, the whole day temperature is below zero Celsius degree ,and the lowest temperature could reach -21℃. And in March, the temperature climbs up a bit, between -13 ℃ to 10 ℃.

Tips: bring warm clothes and shoes, knee cap, hat, etc., because it is really cold in there.


China Snow Town Scenic Area Highlights

Xueyun Street. Xueyun Street is the only avenue in China Snow Town, in a shape of Y, 500 meters long, where tourists could buy various local goods, and taste delicious food in a restaurant.

Yangcao Mountain. Yangcao Mountain, located in the northwest of China Snow Town, is the place where you could see the first sunlight in China Snow Town, and tourists would like to watch sunrise and sunset in here due to those beautiful images.

Dream Home. Dream Home, is a gathering place of beautiful houses, located around Xueyun Street, where tourists could enjoy local food, take part in interesting activities and stay for nights. Dream Home is the only place where you could see snow mushroom, and where you take beautiful photos of snow houses shining in night.

How to plan a trip to Chian Snow Town from Harbin

China Snow Town Pleasure Ground. China Snow Town Pleasure Ground is the official ground for playing, and it has the famous ski resort of pure snow not made by human. In here, tourists could participate in activities like skiing, sleigh, snowmobile, etc.

Tips: you don't need to bring skiing equipment, renting equipment would be much more convenient.

Trekking route: Dongsheng-Yangcao Mountain-China Snow Town, which is the most popular trekking route.


Days to Stay & Things to do

How many days to stay in China Snow Town? 2-3 days.

Staying a night in those mushroom houses would be a gorgeous experience for most tourists. 2 days is enough from most tourists to visit the beautiful places, participate in those fantastic activities, and taste local cuisine. 3 days are for those tourists who are in incredible love with this snow town and ski lovers.

For a 2 days tour itinerary in China Snow Town, tourists could arrange in this way:

Day 1, have a trekking tour from Dongsheng to China Snow Town.

Day 2, having fun in China Snow Town Scenic Area. Tourists could hang around in Xueyun Street, take photos in Dream Home, and join in activities in the pleasure ground.

What to do in China Snow Town?

How to plan a trip to China Snow Town from Harbin

In this snow world, tourists could participate in interesting snow activities, like driving on snow land, and skiing in a ski resort.

Photo tour. Everywhere is beautiful, and you could find the most beautiful place to capture. In China Snow Town, snow eaves and mushroom houses are popular images for taking photos, because they are so eye-catching whether in day time or night time.

Trekking tour. In this snow-white world, trekking is never forgot by tourists, though it may be a bit hard for tourists. Trekking to see those amazing scenes hiding in less-trodden primitive forest is a meaning adventure, where you could see cute wild animals and plants.

Skiing tour. If you don’t ski in here, this China Snow Town tour is not complete. China Snow Town is a paradise for skiing, and there are several famous ski resorts around, available to novices and skiers at all levels.

Exciting activities. Tourists are advised to participate in exciting outdoor activities such as sleigh ride, and snowmobile driving.

Where to Stay

Guesthouses are recommended to you, and there are lots of guesthouses where you could stay in a house run by local people and experience their special accommodation. Except guesthouses, there are also modern hotels, and tourists could book a hotel in China Snow Town online before heading to China Snow Town. But the price of guesthouses is lower than those modern hotels.

How to plan a trip to China Snow Town from Harbin​​​​​​

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