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How to Get to Yabuli Ski Resort from Harbin

Yabuli Ski Resort is located in southeast of Yabuli Town, Shangzhi City, east of Heilongjiang Province, China. It is 177 km southeast from Harbin, 120 km away from Mudanjiang City and 84 km away from China Snow Town. The nearest airport to the resort is Harbin Taiping International Airport (ICAO: ZYHB; IATA: HRB) and Mudanjiang Airport (ICAO: ZYMD; IATA: MDG). Both of the airports are within one or two driving distance to the ski resort.

How to get to Yabuli Ski Resort from Harbin? The most popular way to get to Yabuli Ski Resort is to take train or flight to get to Harbin first, then transfer from Harbin to Yabuli, which is quite convenient. There are a few options for you to travel from Harbin to Yabuli Ski Resort: by train, by bus or by car rental. You can take the following details for reference.


By Train

How to get to Yabuli Ski Resort from Harbin by train? There are a few pairs of trains traveling between Harbin and Yabuli Town. Be aware of one thing that there are three different train stations in Yabuli: Yabuli Railway Station, Yabuli West Railway Station and Yabuli South Railway Station.

► Option A:
Yabuli South Railway Station is sited right next to the ski resort, only 1 km kilometers' distance. It is the most convenient way as well. You could take train K7227 from Harbin Railway Station (哈尔滨站) to Yabuli South Railway Station (亚布力南站). It takes about 2.5 hours for one-way journey. Below is the timetable for your reference:

Harbin to Yabuli South Railway Station

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance(km)  Duration   Tickets Fares(CNY)
 K7047 Harbin 06:57  Yabuli South 10:05 146 3h08m   37.5

Yabuli South Railway Station to Harbin

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance(km)  Duration Tickets Fares(CNY)
K7048 Yabuli South 16:15 Xiangfang 19:13  146  2h58m 32.5

► Option B:
Yabuli Railway Station is located in the central area of Yabuli Town, and it takes about 3 hours to travel from Harbin Railway Station or Harbin East Railway Station to Yabuli Railway Station. The station is still 28 km away from Yabuli Ski Resort. So, you need to transfer to the ski resort by local buses, which will take about 20 minutes. Or you could take a private car to Yabuli Ski Resort at around 70 yuan, we would suggest you to share car with some other tourists heading there though. Below is the timetable for your reference:

Harbin East\Harbin to Yabuli Railway Station

Train No. Departs Arrives Duration Hard Seat Fare Hard Sleeper Fares Soft Sleeper Fares
T297 Harbin 02:11  Yabuli 04:49  2h38m 37.5 83.5  125.5
T261 Harbin 02:22  Yabuli 05:00  2h38m 37.5 83.5  125.5
T17 Harbin 06:22  Yabuli 09:18  2h56m 37.5 83.5  125.5
K553 Harbin 08:18  Yabuli 11:25  3h08m 32.5 78.5  118.5
K7081  Harbin 13:30   Yabuli 17:41  4h11m 37.5 83.5  125.5


► Option C:

Yabuli West Station, located in Yabuli Town, Shangzhi City, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, is one of the high-speed rail stations on the Harmon High-speed Railway. The station was completed in 2018.

Train No. Departs Arrives Duration First Class Seat Second Class Seat
D8503 Harbin 06:52 Yabulixi 08:06 1h14m 103 RMB 65 RMB
D8509 Harbin 08:09 Yabulixi 09:23 1h14m 121 RMB 76 RMB
D119 Harbinxi 08:45 Yabulixi 10:10 1h25m 132 RMB 83 RMB
D135 Harbin 11:19 Yabulixi 12:33 1h14m 121 RMB 76 RMB
D8515 Harbin 11:34  Yabulixi 12:54 1h20m 121 RMB 76 RMB
D8517 Harbin 13:48 Yabulixi 15:08 1h20m 121 RMB 76 RMB
D8523 Harbin 16:05 Yabulixi 17:25 1h20m 121 RMB 76 RMB
D8525 Harbin 17:50 Yabulixi 18:58 1h08m 121 RMB 76 RMB

By Bus

How to get to Yabuli Ski Resort from Harbin by bus? You may take buses at Longyun Bus Station in Harbin, which is sited just across to Harbin Railway Station. The bus will take you to Yabuli Town central area and about 4 hours for one way. There is still some distance from Yabuli town central area to the resort. You can transfer to Yabuli Resort by local buses. (Note: in local hot tourist season, such as from November to February, there might be some direct buses from the bus station to Yabuli Ski Resort. You can check the bus schedule upon your arrival there.)

By Car Rental

How to get to Yabuli Ski Resort from Harbin by car rental? Renting a van to take you to the resort would be the most convenient way, but it is also the most expensive one. Many travel agents in China offer car rental service. It takes about 4 hours for one-way travel. If you need the service, please contact TopChinaTravel by sales@topchinatravel.com.

Here TopChinaTravel would like to recommend a 4-day Harbin and Yabuli Ski Resort Tour for your reference as follow:
Day 1 Arrival Harbin
Day 2 Harbin City Tour: Central Avenue, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Sun Island Park, Siberia Tiger Park, stay overnight in Harbin
Day 3 Harbin to Yabuli Ski Resort, enjoy the spectacular pastoral scenery covered with snow; enjoy skiing, stay overnight in Yabuli
Day 4 enjoy skiing in Yabuli Ski Resort, then back to Harbin in the afternoon

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