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How to Get to China Snow Town/Village from Harbin, Heilongjiang

China Snow Town, locally known as Zhong Guo Xue Xiang, or "home of snow", is originally built as junior skifield in Shuangfeng Forest Farm, under the jurisdiction of Dahailin Forest Bureau in Hailin City. It is located in 5 km west of Changting Town, Hailin City (under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang City), Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China. It is located about 105 kilometers away from Changting Town, or about 290 kilometers away from Harbin City (the capital city of Heilongjiang Province), or about 116 kilometers away from Mudanjiang City. How to get to China Snow Town/Village from Harbin, Heilongjiang?

By Car Rental (Highly Recommended)

How to get to China Snow Town/Village from Harbin, Heilongjiang by car? Traveling by private car is the most fexible way to get to snow town. There are two direct roads leading to China Snow Town. One is called Xue Xiang Highway and the other is Ya Xue Highway. Xue Xiang Highway(Harbin-Haining-Wuchang-Changting-China Snow Town) has a length of about 280 kilometers. It takes about 5-6 hours travelling by car for one way.

Ya Xue Highway(Harbin-Yabuli-Yaxue Road-China Snow Town) has a total length of 285 kilometers, taking 5 to 6 hours by car for one way. Travelling by Ya Xue Highway, visitors will pass by Yabuli Ski Resort. You can enjoy skiing in Yabuli for one or two days first, then continue to visit China Snow Town. The road condition of Ya Xue Highway is better than Xue Xiang Highway, and the view along the road is more beautiful.

By Bus

How to get to China Snow Town/Village from Harbin, Heilongjiang by long distance bus? In order to facilitate the travel of tourists, Harbin to Snow Town direct bus officially running, with Yabuli Ski Resort on the way. There are direct buses to China Snow Town from Harbin,but only available in winter. The bus takes 5h40m for one way.

►Boarding Location: Harbin International Tourism Distribution Centre (33 West Second Street); No.4-1, Jiuzhan street, Daoli district(+15 mins); 175 Hongqi Street(+60 mins)

►Depart Time: 6:00;8:00;9:00;10:00;12:00;13:00

►Price: 120 yuan (Harbin - Snow Town); 70 yuan (Harbin - Yabuli); 80 yuan(Yabuli - Snow Town)

When there is no direct bus and you want to save money, you may take bus from the bus station in Harbin (the one that is located in the right side of Harbin Railway Station) to Changting Town first. As there is still some distance from Changting to China Snow Town, then could hire a taxi in the town or take bus at Linye (forestry) Passenger Station to the China Snow Town.

Note: the number of buses traveling from Harbin to China Snow Town every day is quite limited, you may book the bus ticket as early as possible. Bus schedule of the bus may change, you can check the bus schedule when you get to the bus station.

By Train (not recommended)

There is no direct train from Harbin to China Snow Town so far (update on May, 2019). You need to take trains from Harbin to Hailin or Mudanjiang Train Station first, then transfer to China Snow Town by taxi or local buses.

If you do not travel to Yubuli on the half way, Harbin-China Snow Town tour usually takes 2 days. You may take the following tour route to China Snow Town from Harbin for your reference:

Day 1 in the early morning, start off to China Snow Town (also called Shuangfeng Forest Farm). After about 5 to 6 hrs’ driving, you will arrive at the No.1 China Snow Town. Taking pictures there and have a visit to see the fairy land.

Day 2 In the early morning, go to Yangcaoshan Hill. Yangcaoshan Hill is the highest hill in Snow Town, about 1235 meters above the sea level. It is the best place to see the sunrise or sunset. And the scenery here is the most beautiful to taking the snow town picture. And then, you can have a walk on Xueyun (means Melody of Snow) Avenue. When finish the tour, start back to Harbin downtown.

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