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How to Plan a Trip to Mount Fanjing from Guiyang

Mount Fanjing or Fanjingshan as a site of World Heritage and a beautiful mountain, has attracted so many tourists to come for its magnificent views and unique culture. For tourists who are planning a trip to Mount Fanjing, here we offer you this useful article about travelling to Mount Fanjing from Guiyang.


How to Get to Mount Fanjing

How to get to Mount Fanjing

Location. Mount Fanjing is located at the junction of Yinjiang, Jiangkou, Songtao counties, Tongren City, and the northeast of Guizhou Province. From Guiyang to Mount Fanjing, the distance is 285 km, and tourists could take bus or take train to Mount Fanjing.

Get to Mount Fanjing from Guiyang

By bus(Guiyang-Mout Fanjing)

Mount Fanjing is easily accessible by bus from Guiyang, about 5 hours of driving. Tourists could take bus at the parking lot of Guizhou Provincial Stadium North Gate.

The bus departs at 07:00 AM, and arrives at Mount Fanjing at about 12: 00 AM. It returns to Guiyang at 5:00 PM.

Ticket: 160 yuan per person.

By train (Guiyang-Tongren-Mount Fanjing)

Step 1: from Guiyang to Mount Fanjing, tourists could take high speed train at Guilin North Railway Station, which takes about 1.5 -2 hours. The earliest train departs at 11:07 AM, and arrives Tongren at 12:59 AM.

Everyday there are 4 trains leaving from Guiyang to Tongren, and the departure time and arrival time are 11:07-12:59, 15:27-17:06, 16:05-17:51, 17:47-19:46.

Train ticket: 147 yuan for a second class seat, 247 yuan for a first class seat, 462.5 yuan for a first class seat.

Step 2: take bus from Tongren Tourism Passenger Station, which is 500 meters away from Tongren Railway Station. It takes 1.5 hours to get to Mount Fanjing Scenic Area, and costs 32 yuan per person.

The departure time from Tongren is 07: 30, 08:30, 09: 30, 10:30.

If tourists depart from Tongren Airport, you could take shuttle bus from the airport to Mount Fanjing. Or take bus to Tongren Tourism Passenger Station first, then transfer to Mount Fanjing.

Mount Fanjing Facts

how to plan a trip to Mount Fanjing

Mount Fanjing or Fanjingshan, with a meaning of pure land, is a famous cultural mountain with a history of more than 2000 years in Southwest China, for its splendid mountain views and its status as a famous mountain of Buddhism and a holy place of Maitreya Buddha. In 2018, Mount Fanjing has been listed as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

Mount Fanjing has an altitude of 2, 572 meters, being the main peak of Wuling Mountains. Mount Fanjing has several peaks, and one special stone, which has an eye-catching shape of layers over layers, standing tall and upright, with it a nickname as “Mushroom Stone”. The original ecology has been well preserved, and it has rich resources of animal and plants, including rare species like Guizhou golden money. On the top of the mountain, there are 2 famous temples which have a history of hundreds of years.

Mount Fanjing Weather: the annual average temperature of Mount Fanjing ranges from 13.1 ℃ to 14.7 ℃, the average temperature in the hottest month (July) is 25.3 ℃, and the average temperature in the coldest month (February) is 2 ℃.

Best time to visit Mount Fanjing: from March to November, especially in spring and autumn.

Open time: 08:00-19:00 (March to November), 08:00-18:00 (December to February).


  • Entrance ticket: 100 yuan.
  • Cable car: 160 yuan for a round trip, and 90 yuan for a single trip.
  • Sightseeing bus: 20 yuan for a round trip.


Mount Fanjing Highlights

How to plan a trip to Mount Fanjing

Mount Fanjing is featured with its original landscape, magnificent mountains, streams and waterfalls, and its landmark scenic spots are Hongyun Jinding, Yuejing shan, Spleeping Buddha, Mushroom Stone, etc. Another highlight is in its religious culture and long history, and tourists could see the Ce Ci Bei (Ce Ci Stele), 2 temples on the mountain top of Hongyun Jinding, and other 2 temples(Cheng'en Temple and Huguo Temple). One amazing thing is that tourists may have a chance to see buddha light in Mount Fanjing, that is a shadow of buddha in a big halo over clouds. Except the buddha light, tourists could enjoy gorgeous sunset and sunrise in here.

Yuejing Shan, or Old Golden Peak, is the second highest peak of Mount Fanjing, 2,493 meters, and gets its name from the image of Maitreya Buddha appearing on the stone cliff under the moon light.  

Hongyun Jinding (Red Cloud Golden Peak), 2,336 meters high, is the most dangerous one among those 3 golden peaks, and gets its name from those red clouds often appearing in the early morning.

Fanjingshan mountain temple. The upper part of Hongyun Jinding is naturally divided into two isolated peaks, and on the top of these two peaks, there are two temples respectively built for Sakya Buddha and Maitreya Buddha, and these two temples are connected by a bridge. 

Mushroom Stone gets its name from its special shape like a mushroom, 10 meters high, big on the upper part and small on the lower part. Mushroom Stone is very popular to photographers, due to its great image.

How to plan a trip to Mount Fanjing

Mount Fanjing has 2 entrances, Yinjiang and Jiangkou, and 2 sightseeing routes for tourists. The east route is from Jiangkou direction, and tourists could take cable car up to the mountain within 30 min.


Mount Fanjing Tour Itinerary

How to plan a trip to Mount Fanjing

Considering that tourists will arrive Mount Fanjing at noon by bus or train, tourists could have one day tour to Mount Fanjing, or one and half day tour to Mount Fanjing.

Fanjingshan One Day Tour Itinerary


  • Depart to Mount Fanjing: take bus from Guiyang and arrive at about 12:00.
  • Sightseeing time: 12:00-16: 30.
  • Leave for Guiyang: 17: 00.

Sightseeing ways: sightseeing bus, cable car, and walking.

Tourists could arrange this short tour as the following: 

  • Jiangkou Entrance-take sightseeing bus to the cable car station-take cable car up to the mountain (1 hour/ before 13:30).
  • Walk to the Mushroom Stone through the wooden plank road (750 meters long)-walk to the Old Golden Peak and Hongyun Jinding- go back to the cable car station (about 2 hour/ before 16:00).
  • Return trip. Take cable car down to the foot-take sightseeing bus to the exit.

Mount Fanjing Tourist Map
(Click here to enlarge)

Fanjingshan One and Half Day Tour Itinerary 

For tourists who have more time or who would like to hike, we recommend you to have a one and half day tour to Mount Fanjing, which gives tourists more time for sightseeing and hiking. And it could be arranged like this:

1. Depart to Tongren: take train from Guiyang to Tongren(16:05-17:51), and stay 1 night in Tongren.

2. Depart to Mount Fanjing: arrive the entrance of Mount Fanjing before 09:00.

3. Sightseeing time: 09:00-16:00

  • Take sightseeing bus to the climbing place (30 min).
  • Fanjingshan hike. Climb to from the foot to the top, and the hiking route is 5 km long and 6600 steps, with an elevation of 1200 meters. Then tourists could go sightseeing on the mountain over 2000 meters high.
  • Sightseeing route: Forest Plank Road-Mushroom Stone-Old Golden Peak-Ten-thousand Sleeping Buddha-Red Could Golden Peak-Cheng'en Temple-Wanbao Peak-Hiking Road.
  • Taking sightseeing bus back to the entrance (16:30)

4. Leave Mount Fanjing before 18:00.

How to plan a trip to Mount Fanjing

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