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How to Get to Zhenyuan Ancient Town from Guiyang

Where is Zhenyuan Ancient Town?

Zhenyuan Ancient Town is located in Zhenyuan, Qiandongnan, Guizhou Province.  It is in the east of Guizhou, close to the border between Guizhou and Hunan province. Zhenyuan Ancient Town is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and rivers, and it is famous for its mysterious ethnic cultures, historic sites and picturesque landscape. Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou province, located in the central Guizhou.


How to get to Zhenyuan Ancient Town from Guiyang

Zhenyuan Ancient Town is in the east of Guiyang, and about 260 kilometers away for Guiyang, a distance of 4 hours driving.

Option 1: Train(Guiyang-Zhenyuan) (Recommended)

Everyday, there are 10  trains leaving for Zhenyuan Railway Station from Guiyang Railway Station. The trains are all fast trains(K), and takes about 3.5-5 hours.  Get to Guiyang Railway Station. Guiyang Railway Station is located in at No. 1, Sitong street, Nanming district, Guiyang, and about 17 kilometers form downtown. Tourists could get Guiyang Railway Station by subway Line 1 and public bus like No.1, No. 2, No, 12, No. 20, No.24, No. 29, No, 43, No. 65, etc.

Get to Zhenyuan Ancient Town. After getting out of Zhenyuan Railway Station, about 3.5 kilometers away from Zhenyuan Ancient Town, tourists may take a taxi to the scenic area, which costs about 10 yuan, or take No. 1 public bus and then get off at Sifangjing bus stop and walk about 200 meters, with a ticket of 2 yuan, or walk for about 20 minutes.

Here is some information about trains from Guiyang to Zhenyuan.

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration Hard Seat/CNY Hard Sleeper/CNY Soft Sleeper/CNY
K4338 Guiyang 03:43 Zhenyuan 07:33 03:50 41.5 87.5 132.5
K1272 Guiyang 06:05 Zhenyuan 09:46 03:41 41.5 87.5 132.5
K112 Guiyang 09:34 Zhenyuan 13:30 03:56 41.5 87.5 132.5
K434 Guiyang 09:59 Zhenyuan 13:41 03:42 41.5 87.5 132.5
K942 Guiyang 11:15 Zhenyuan 14:56 03:41 41.5 87.5 132.5
K66 Guiyang 13:00 Zhenyuan 16:56 03:56 41.5 87.5 132.5
5640 Guiyang 13:08 Zhenyuan 18:13 05:05 20.5 87.5 132.5
K476 Guiyang 15:05 Zhenyuan 18:51 03:46 41.5 87.5 132.5
K876 Guiyang 15:20 Zhenyuan 19:03 03:43 41.5 87.5 132.5
K948 Guiyang 20:56 Zhenyuan 00:45 03:49 41.5 87.5 132.5

Option 2: Train+Bus(Guiyang-Sansui-Zhenyuan)

First take a train from Guiyangbei Railway Station to Sansui Railway Station, then take a long distance bus from Sansui to Zhenyuan. Every day,  8 high speed trains are available for passengers from Guiyang to Sansui, which takes about 1 hour.

Get to Guiyangbei Railway Station. Guiyangbei Railway Station is located in Guanshanhu district, and tourists could make use of pubic bus to get to this railway station, like No.50, No. 56, No. 65, No. 66, No. 261, No. 262, etc.

Get to Sansui Railway Station. Take a train at Guiyangbei Railway Station.

Get to Zheyuan Bus Station. Take a bus to Zhenyuan after getting out of Sansui Railway Station. The bus from Sansui to Zhenyuan starts at 7:30, then every half hour, ends at 17:30, and it takes about 1.5 hours to Zhenyuan and costs 17 yuan for a person. The bus will stop at Sansui Railway Station to pick up passengers, thus tourists could wait it in the railway station. Third, after getting off at Zhenyuan Bus Station which is close to Zhenyuan Railway Station, you could take No. 1 and No. 3 Public bus to Zhenyuan Ancient Town.

Here is some information about trains from Guiyang to Sansui.

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration Business Seat/CNY First Class Seat/CNY Second Class Seat/CNY
G2364 Guiyangbei 07: 30 Sansui 08:35 01:05 317.5 169.5 100.5
G2304 Guiyangbei 08:30 Sansui 09:40 01:10 317.5 169.5 100.5
G1380 Guiyangbei 09:55 Sansui 10:53 00:58 317.5 169.5 100.5
G2336 Guiyangbei 10:42 Sansui 11:47 01:05 317.5 169.5 100.5
G406 Guiyangbei 13:25 Sansui 14:30 01:05 317.5 169.5 100.5
G1422 Guiyangbei 14:33 Sansui 15:38 01:05 317.5 169.5 100.5
G2122 Guiyangbei 16:39 Sansui 17:44 01:05 317.5 169.5 100.5

Option 3:  Car Rental

Chartering a car is fast and convenient for tourists, but it is a bit expensive. If you are in a large group of 7 or so, or if you are in a big budget, I advise you to charter a private car with an experience driver. Certainly, you could book a transfer service from a travel agency, like Topchinatravel. Our transfer service includes car, driver and tour guide, which may be adjusted according to your need. If you book a transfer service from a travel agency, please make it at least one day ahead of time, otherwise they do not have enough time to arrange the car for you.