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Top Reasons to Visit Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of the biggest cities in China, famous to the world for its economy. I guess most of you have heard of Guangzhou before you actually visit Guangzhou. Then Why should you visit Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is worthy of your travel, for its historical sites, natural sites and cultural sites. Here, Top China Travel, introduces Guangzhou in detail to you, and tells top reasons to visit China.

Top reasons to visit Guangzhou is an useful guide for planning a trip to Guangzhou, telling you convenient flights to Guangzhou, things to do in Guangzhou, best places to visit in Guangzhou, night things to do in Guangzhou, Guangzhou family trip with kids, recommending Guangzhou famous food and shopping street to you too.

Top Reason to Visit Guangzhou

Guangzhou city view

Guangzhou is a big economy city, and a big port in China, and it has opened to the world for thousands of years. Guangzhou has trade with the world since a long time ago.

Canton Fair is the most attractive thing to some of you. Canton Fair is one of the biggest fair in the world, and it is held twice a year for 2 months, in April and October. Canton Fair gives a great opportunity to companies and businessmen to attend the world-level fair.

Guangzhou is crowded with companies, factories, and wholesale markets. Some of you would like to have a business trip to Guangzhou: visit companies and factories, see your clients and supplies, and buy wholesale goods. Guangzhou wholesale markets have tremendous goods which are exported to the world.

Why Visit Guangzhou-Convenient Flight to Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of the major entry cities in China, and it has direct flights or connecting flights of most cities in the world.

flights to guangzhou

Flight to Guangzhou from : Vancouver( 13 h 10min), Toronto( 15 h 30 min), New York (15 h 45 min), Los Angeles ( 14 h 50 min), Sydney( 9 h 45 min), Melbourne( 9 h 30 min), Auckland( 12 h), Manila( 2 h 30 min), Jakarta( 5 h 15 min), Bangkok( 2 h 50 min), Singapore( 4h 10min),  Delhi( 5 h 15 min), London( 11 h 45 min), Paris( 11 h 35 min), Dubai( 7 h 15 min)

Guangzhou is close to Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhai. Tourists and visitors could also go to Hong Kong first, and then take HIGH SPEED TRAIN from Hong Kong West Kowloon to Guangzhou.

As a huge port, Guangzhou could be visited by cruise. If you are a big liker of cruise, and you could take advantage of cruises.

Things to Do in Guangzhou-Baiyun Mountian and Canton Tower

Baiyun mountain

Baiyun Mountain, or White Cloud Mountain, is the highest mountain in Guangzhou, and consists of 30 peaks. Baiyun Mountain is the best place in Guangzhou for hiking, and see spring sceneries. On the top of Baiyun Mountain, you could see the whole Guangzhou city. Tourists could take ropeway ride, take electromoble or walk to the mountain top.

Canton tower

Canton Tower is the best place to see Guangzhou night view from high place, and it is also the perfect place to have a thrilling experience and feel about your crazy heartbeat.

Canton Tower location: No.222, Yuejiang west road, Haizhu district, Guangzhou.
Canton Tower structure & entertainment: Canton Tower is 600 meters high and its main body is 454 meters high. From 168 meters to 334 meters, there is 1000-meter long Spider Walk. In the place of 422 meter high, a revolving restaurant is available for dining. In the top of tower body, 450-454 meters, the highest sky wheel is for having fun. In the 455-485 meters, Drop Tower Ride is the highest in the world, and it would definitely give you the craziest thrilling down ride. In the 488 meters, Rooftop observatory is the world’s highest observation deck for you to watch Guangzhou city.

Best Places to Visit in Guangzhou

(Above picture, Shamian Island)

Shamian Island, a historical site in Guangzhou, has many buildings of foreign styles. Its has quiet environment, and is a good place to take a stroll and relax your yourself.

Chen Family, also a museum, has collected lots of folk arts and architectural arts of Guangdong, such as stone carvings, wood carvings, paintings, and it is a place to see Guangzhou art culture.

Yuexiu Park is another land mark of Guangzhou, where you could see the Five Rams Sculpture(wonder why Guangzhou is called Goat city), see historical sites, like Guangzhou old city wall and visit Guangzhou Museum.

Night Thing to Do in Guangzhou- Pearl River Cruise

pearl river cruise

Pearl River is the mother river of Guangzhou, and Pearl River Cruise is one of the best ways to see Guangzhou night, shining under lights. It has two routes, the east route, and the west route. The east route is the most popular one, and the most beautiful section of this route is to see Canton Tower and Ersha Island.

Pearl River Cruise: it usually takes about 1 hour, and touriests could CHARMING GUANGZHOU IN NIGHT.

Pearl River Cruise Wharf:  tourists could take cruise at several docks, like Dashatou Wharf, Tianzi Wharf and Canton Tower Wharf. Dashatou Wharf is the most picked one.

Famous Food in Guangzhou  & Famous Shopping Streets

Clay Pot Rice
(Above picture/ Clay Pot Rice)

Famous food in Guangzhou are Steamed Vermicelli Roll( Cheung Fun), Wonton Noodles, Canton Morning Tea(Shao mai, Cha siu baau, crystal shrimp dumpling, Canton Dessert,  Clay Pot Rice(Bao Zai Fan), Sampan Congee( Ting Zai Zhou)

Famous food streets: Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Baohua Street, Wenming Street.

Famous shopping streets: Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

Guangzhou Family Trip, Things to Do for Kids in Guangzhou

chimelong international circus

Chimelong Tourist Resort is the best place for family trip in Guangzhou. Chimelong has Chimelong Water Park, Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Safari Park and Guangzhou Crocodile Park.

Chimelong International Circus is highly recommended to you, where you could see wonderful professional performances, including magic, acrobatics, and circus. Chimelong  Paradise has over 70 recreation facilities,  and various thrilling programs for you to experience, like dive coaster.

Chimelong Safari Park is to see various animals from all over the world, and Chimelong Water Park is for having fun on water.

Chimelong has restaurants and hotels for you too. In Chimelong, you could enjoy yourself as long as you want.