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8 Things Not to Do in Guangzhou

Speaking of things to do in Guangzhou, we could make a huge list, as Guangzhou is one of the most popular cities among tourists in China and around the world. What not to do in Guangzhou? Don’t stress out. The following 8 things not to do in Guangzhou may help you find out an ideal answer.


1.Don’t be Frustrated on Which Chimelong Park to Visit.

For most travelers, Chimelong parks may be the one of the top reasons for visiting Guangzhou. If you don’t have a specific answer in mind, it can be frustrated when choosing one from so many Chimelong parks. The most important point is to enjoy your time in whichever you prefer. Main information below may be helpful, continue reading and pick your favorite one accordingly.

Chimelong Water Park

  • Chimelong Safari Park: the largest safari park in China with the most numerous species of animals.
  • Chimelong Paradise: a world-famous amusement park, with advanced facilities and designs for all sorts of rides.
  • Chimelong International Circus: world’s biggest iconic stag, brilliant circus shows with the largest number of actors and animals in the show.
  • Chimelong Water Park: one of the must-go water parks in the world.
  • Guangzhou Birds Park: a natural wetland park in Guangzhou. It is a paradise for wetland plants and animals.


2.Don’t Spend All Your Time in Amusement Parks.

Even though you can have so much fun in those Chimelong parks, don’t spend all your time there, since Guangzhou is not all about Chimelong. Guangzhou is a prosperous city in China with well-developed economy, meanwhile, it is also a famous historical city. To experience the profound history and culture of Guangzhou, those attractions will be great choices, such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Temple of Chen Family, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees and Shamian Island.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


3.Don’t Come during Canton Fair.

If you are not going to have a business tour in Guangzhou specially for the Canton Fair, don’t visit Guangzhou during this period of time. As a lot of buyers and sellers are coming to Guangzhou all the way from different countries, price for accommodation will be much higher than usual, so do your flights. Normally Canton Fair is from mid of April to beginning of May, and mid of October to beginning of November.


4.Don’t Hesitate to Get on Canton Tower.

Canton Tower, also known as Guangzhou TV Tower, is the representative symbol of Guangzhou. Nigh view of Canton Tower makes a perfect match with Pearl River and modern buildings around, which give all the tourists spectacular night sceneries of Guangzhou. Don’t hesitate to get on Canton Tower, the panoramic view of Guangzhou won’t let you down.

In addition, there are more you can experience on Canton Tower except for the fabulous night view. Canton Tower owns the world’s longest and highest aerial ladder, the highest revolving restaurant, the highest outdoor sightseeing platform, and the highest lateral observation wheel, which provide you various options to enjoy a wonderful time.

Canton Tower


5.Don’t Expect Locals to Speak Mandarin.

Usually local people in Guangzhou speak Cantonese, instead of Mandarin. If you know some basic Chinese sentences for communication, maybe it won’t help you when traveling in Guangzhou. However, with the rapid development in Guangzhou, more and more Chinese people come to Guangzhou from their hometowns, seeking for better job opportunities. At the same time, as a popular tourist city in China, tourism in Guangzhou is full of vitality. It means that there are plenty of people in Guangzhou speak mandarin nowadays.


6.Don’t be Too Surprised at Fake Products.

In China, it’s quite normal to see fake products while Guangzhou is where many fakes are made. Don’t be too surprised when you see fake products. Wherever you walk, you may find all sorts of fake products like fake jewelry, fake electronics and fake clothes, and some products are hard to tell whether they are real ones or not. Guangzhou is really a great place for shopping, don’t miss this eye-opening experience during your trip in China. But you should always remember to bargain before you buy.


7.Don’t Just Eat Dim Sum.

Trying morning tea in Guangzhou is one of the top things to do in Guangzhou, however, don’t just taste Dim Sum during your Guangzhou trip, there are still more delicious food to tease your taste buds. Except for morning tea, Canton cuisine is also popular among foreign visitors, which is elaborate and refined. We guess most of you are quite familiar with the flavor of Canton Cuisine, as some Chinese restaurants abroad are mainly served Canton dishes. Here in Guangzhou, don’t miss the chance to taste the most authentic local dishes. Additionally, don’t be afraid to try street food in Guangzhou, you’ve got various options.

Clay Pot Rice


8. Don’t Take Unlicensed Taxis.

This tip is really important for you. Never take unlicensed taxis, for the sake of your safety. It’s common to see plenty of illegal taxis around some popular attractions, train station and airport, and some drivers like to target tourists. Sometimes you have to pay more than the exact price if you take those unlicensed taxis.


Do Enjoy Your Trip in Guangzhou.

Except for the above things not to do in Guangzhou, there is one more thing you should avoid——Do Not Worry Too Much. Guangzhou is safe and convenient for traveling, with plenty of popular attractions and great parks. Just let Top China Travel help you if you’re really worried. See our Guangzhou tours below:

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