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Famous Restaurant in Guangzhou

Guangzhou catering industry has always been second to none in China. It has experienced a large number of hundreds of years old and emerging well-known restaurants. Delicious authentic restaurants are often located in the old town, such as Dongshan District, Yuexiu District and Liwan District. Panfu Road, Jiangnan West Road, Huifu East Road can be called "food street", all the way there is a row of large and small restaurants. Top China Travel has listed some famous restaurant in Guangzhou for your reference, hence, you can have a good choice for your dining place during your Guangzhou Tours.

Panxi Restaurant

ADD:No. 151, Longjin West Road, Guangzhou
Signature dishes: Eight-Delicacy White Gourd Cup, Garden Delicious Juice Chicken, Green Grass-White Rabbit Dumpling

Panxi Restaurant is located in the core district of Guangzhou Food Garden, adjacent to Liwan Lake, representing the largest forest restaurant in China.

The restaurant has obtained different gold prizes from the 2nd and 3d National Cooking Competitions and besides the restaurant has also dispatched chefs to participated in Luxemburg International Cuisine Competition, International Olympic Cuisine Competition and won the gold and silver medals respectively. The restaurant can prepare and serve Eight-Immortal banquet, Flower Fairy banquet, Xiguan-flavored banquet and heart-shaped dim sum banquet, all of which gain great popularity.

Guangzhou Restaurant

ADD: 2 South Wenchang Road, Guangzhou
Signature dishes: Wenchang Chicken, Boiled Chicken, Shrimp Dumpling, Durian Crisp Cake, Fried Milk

Guangzhou Restaurant, located at one end of Wenchang Road, is most famous for its Wenchang Chicken, created by its chef Liang Duan. It is an icon located in the old part of the city. It's definitely worth a visit while in Guangzhou.

We advise you to go for dinner with some knowledgeable Chinese friends who can help you order more authentic dishes. There seemed to be an emphasis on serving high quality teas. It was more elaborate than the usual practice of plomping down a ceramic pot of tea on the table. Speaking Chinese will open up your options as far as tea selections go. Otherwise, you'll likely end up with jasmine tea.

Tang Chinese Restaurant

ADD:No.1 Jianshe Liu Road Yuexiu district
Signature dishes: Royal dishes

Tang restaurant serves all of Tang's dishes are elegant dishes, cooked by the most famous cooks from the mainland and Hong Kong. There are common dishes as well as royal ones. Royal dishes are originally cooked for the kings, which are good to one's beauty and health. Tang's cooks learn a lot and develop a series of royal dishes with noblest and local characteristics that suit the elegant environment of Tang Chinese Restaurant very well.

The decoration here is special and stylish, overall yellowish tint well-matched with inviting dim light, presenting soft and comfortable privacy.

Nanhai Village

ADD: Within Liuhua Park, No. 903, Renmin Road ( North)
Signature dishes: Nanhai abalone

Nanhai Village was set up in 1986. Over years, it has continued to incorporated the traditional Chinese culture and the Chinese Culinary Culture into the culture of this enterprise, thus gradually forming today’s South Sea Fishing Village with its own characteristics. Within the industry, it has always won the affirmation of the general customers with its exquisite environment, delicious dishes and the excellent service and maintained the dominating position in the catering industry.