Guangxi Climate & Weather

is located in Centre and South Asian tropical monsoon climate zone. It has warm climate and various climate type. The climate characteristics of Guangxi are: long summer and short winter, rich quantity of heat, plenty rainfall, clear dry and wet seasons, little sunshine in winter but much sunshine in summer. The annual average temperature around the whole Guangxi is about 16.0℃~23.0℃; the annual extreme maximum temperature in each district is about 33.7℃~42.5℃, the annual minimum temperature is about -8.4℃~-2.9 ℃. Guangxi is one of the most abundant rainfall area; the annual precipitation are above 1070 mm. The months from April to September are rainy seasons, and the months of October to March are dry seasons.

Tips for Guangxi Weather
•Best season to visit Guangxi:
The best time to travel in Guangxi is in spring and autumn, especially April, May, August, September and October. The months of April and May in Guangxi are rainy seasons. The temperature of spring in Guangxi changes from 15℃ to 27℃. Summer is long with lots of rain in Guangxi. The average temperature of the hottest month July is about 27℃~29℃. Autumn is cool with little rain in Guangxi. The temperature in this season changes from 16℃ to 28℃. Winter is short and dry with short duration of sunshine in Guangxi. The average temperature of the coldest month January is about 5.5℃~15.2℃.

•Clothes for travelling:
If your choose to have your Guangxi Tours in May, the weather is cold in the morning and evening, but hot at noon in this month, tourists had better take your thin coats of Long-sleeved Tees. Generally, tourists can dress your T-shirt in summer season in Guangxi, while you need to put on your thick coats or sweaters in winter. 

•Avoid Peak Holidays:
It is not a good idea to travel in China during Chinese holidays when huge numbers of Chinese people are travelling around. The busiest three national holidays in China are Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.), International Labor Day (May 01 to 03) and National Day (Oct 01-07).. Spring Festival is an especially crowded time to travel. The advantage of being in China at this time is that you will get the opportunity to experience "first hand" the significance of these celebrations in Chinese culture. 

•Other Tips:
1. Summer in Guangxi has strong ultraviolet rays, please protect yourself from the sunburn; and summer is also the rainy season, please pay attention to bring umbrella in case of rain.
2. Detian Waterfall in Nanning and Li River in Guilin has large temperature difference in the daytime and night, please bring enough clothes to avoid catching cold.