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Surrounded Beijing Great Wall Travel Tips

The main parts of Great Wall are mostly located around Beijing. And different parts may have different characters, also suitable for different kinds of tourists to travel.Here we list the some major sections of the Great Wall of China around Beijing with good points and bad points for your reference.

Generally, considering about the safety and physical conditions, we mostly recommend to choose the comparative easier parts for you such as Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall.

The following tips are listed by different parts of the Great Wall:

Badaling Great Wall

► The most crowded section of the Great Wall and also more domestic tourist groups.
► The Great Wall section extended in many directions with magnificent views, easy direct access by bus and train, favored by domestic tourists.
► The earliest part open to the public.
► The most magnificent section of Great Wall.
► There are many vendors along the road from parking lot to the start point of Badaling.
► About 1.5 hours driving one way from Beijing city to Badaling Great Wall.
► Equipped with cableway and toboggan
► Mutianyu Great Wall is less crowded than Badaling Great Wall,it has three ways to get up and down the Wall, wonderful scenery favored by international travelers, senior and kids.
► More popular with foreign hikers.
► If you want to the Wall with a beautiful green scenery and environment, visit Mutianyu Great Wall.
► About 1.5 - 2 hours driving from Beijing city to Mutianyu Great Wall, based on the transportation situation.
► Equipped with cableway and toboggan, but No direct bus or subway to get there.
► Juyongguan Great Wall is on the road to Badaling Great Wall.
► Beautiful pass, nice views, the nearest section of the Great Wall around Beijing, favored by those who have limited visiting time in Beijing.
► Steep steps in Juyongguan Great Wall.
► Equipped with wheelchair access up to the Jiayuguan Pass.
► Not equipped with cableway and toboggan and Restored and reconstructed for the most part.
► Jian kou great wall: restoration and revamp, overgrown, rundown, challenging for hike, favored by experienced travelers.
►Jiankou Great Wall is the most dangerous part without any man-made restoration.
► About the hiking trip on the Jiankou Great Wall.
► From Xiangshuihu to Jiankou: the standard wild Great Wall part, about 6 hours hiking trip, serious need physical condition, potential dangers are existed, Top China Travel not service for this route.
► From Jiankou to Mutianyu: about 4 hours hiking trip, potential dangers are existed, Top China Travel not recommends this part for you. Just have a short visit on the part of Jiankou can be arranged.
►No public transport to get there, no security guide on the Wall, not officially open to the public.
Gubeikou Great Wall

Gubeikou Great Wall

► No man-made restoration project, most collapsed walls, seems like the ancient appearance; Original, unrestored, overgrown, favored by experienced travelers.
► From Gubeikou to Jinshanling: 13km, 50 beacon towers, about 5 hours hiking trip, can experience the soil-made Great Wall to the brick-built Great Wall.
► Will have to walk around a military section.
► No direct bus or subway to get there.
► Jinshanling Great Wall had been well rebuilt;only half original, some part renovated, beautiful watchtowers favored by international travelers.
► From Jinshanling to Simatai: 11km, about 3 - 4 hiking trip.
At present, the part between Jinshanling and Simatai is still in restoration period because of the serious destroyed situation. No sure the exactly time to finish this project.
► Steel wire sliding experience can be found in Simatai Great Wall.
► No direct bus or subway to get there.
Simatai Great Wall section: Original, unrestored, steep slope of the Wall with nice view. But simatai great wall Used to be favored by international travelers.
► No direct bus or subway to get there.
► The over restoration makes Huangyaguan like a new built Great Wall, less charming than the other Great Wall parts
► Famous for the annual Great Wall Marathon Activity
► Suitable for tourists who want to visit the Great Wall from Tianjin
►Original with some restoration and revamp, some places still overgrown, rundown, challenging for hike, favored by experienced travelers.
► No public transport to get there, no security guide on the Wall, some places not officially open to the public.

Common tips for Great Wall Tour

► Great Wall climbing activity is tired for most people. Better to take a small bag rather than a big one.
► Sport shoes and caps should be worn.
► Heavy wind or blazing hot days in the Great Wall may cause dry feeling, taking enough drinking water.
► The thunderstorm or frozen days may cause accidents in the Great Wall tour
► No washroom when walking on the Great Wall, better to release yourself before your Great Wall tour
► Taking some snacks such as chocolate for keeping your good physical state

Surround Beijing Great Wall Map

Great Wall Map
Note: Above transporting time are all based on well traffic situations (no traffic jam happens)