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How to get to Simatai Great Wall from Beijing?

Where is Simatai Great Wall?

Simatai Great Wall is located in Gubeikou Town, north of Miyun District, Beijing which is well-known among tourists for its 5 features of “steepness, compactness, queerness, wonderfulne and comprehensiveness". It is also the only section of Great Wall that remains the original characters of Ming Dynasty. If you like hiking, you won't miss the 2 Days Great Wall Trekking From Jinshanling to Simatai to explore the wild Simatai Great Wall and experience the original beauty of Simatai. 

One of the prestigious Great Wall experts, Luo Zhewen, praised the Great wall of China the best around the world and Simtal Great Wall deserves the best section of the Great Wall among all the sections of Chinese Great Wall. Simatai Great Wall has been listed as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. How to get to Simatai Great Wall from Beijing? There are 4 ways we recommended you to get to Simatai Great Wall from Beijing as follows:

Take Tour Bus to Simatai Great Wall

How to get to Simatai Great Wall from Beijing by tour bus? You can take tour bus from Beijing Tourism Distribution Center to Simatai Great Wall. The tour buses are only available from middle April to Oct. 26 during the high season. It will take three hours from Beijing center to Simatai Great Wall.
From Monday to Friday, you could take the tour bus at Tian'anmen Departure Center from 6:00 am - 9:00 am. The price is depending on the number of people on the bus:
  • Less than 5 people: 300 RMB per adult and 280 RMB per student;
  • 5 to 7 People: 220 RMB per adult and 22 RMB 0 per student;
  • 12 or more people: 160RMB per adult and 140RMB per student.
On Saturday and Sunday, you could take the tour bus at Xuanwumen Dispatch Branch Center (Exit B, Subway Line 2, the northeast corner of Xuanwumen Road). The departure time is from 07:30 am – 08:00 am and the price will be 160RMB per adult and 140RMB per student.
Note: The above prices have included the round trip bus tickets and the entrance ticket of Simatai Great Wall. Tel: 010-83531111/66015622/66070900.

Take Long Distance Bus

►There are also long distance buses start from Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station directly to Simatai Great Wall scenic area with good air-conditiones. It starts at 6:30 every day, and ends at 16:40.
►Or take the long distance bus to Chengde City at the Beijing Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station . And ask the driver to drop you off when pass the Simatai Great Wall. 

Take Local Bus

How to get to Simatai Great Wall from Beijing by local bus? You can also take local bus No. 980 at the Beijing Dongzhimen Long distance Bus Station to Miyun County from 6:00 to 19:00. Along the Gulou Dajie Street in Miyun county, you can find taxies to Simatai Great Wall. It takes you more than 3 hours in total.

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