Best Time to Visit Foshan

Compare to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Foshan is not so well-known to most people in the world. It is a city near to Guangzhou, located in the middle south part of Guangdong Province, and it is not far from Hong Kong and Macau. It might be known to some business man who specializes in ceramic tile. Some Chinese Kungfu fans may know Foshan as it is the home town of Bruce Lee or Yip Man.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Foshan?

It is suitable to travel to Foshan all the year round. It is warm in Foshan with sufficient rainfall. It is evergreen for all four seasons. The average temperature is around 21℃-22℃ with 1,600-2,000mm rainfall every year. The best time to visit Foshan is from April to October.

What to See in Foshan?

Foshan is a cultural city with a long history. It is the home of Cantonese opera, pottery, martial arts. It is also the center of foundry industry and the hometown of folk arts in South China. People could find some unique folk customs in Foshan.

Besides, Foshan is also rich in tourism resources, such as Foshan Ancestral Temple of Song Dynasty, Shunde Qinghui Garden and Foshan Liangyuan Garden of Qing Dynasty, the national scenic spot--- Xiqiao Mountain, Confucian Temple, Renshou Temple, Kang Youwei’s Old Residence, Xishan Temple, Bruce Lee’s Memorial Hall, ect. All of them attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Traditional Festival in Foshan

►Dragon Boat Racing
Locals hold dragon boat racing non-governmentally during Dragon Boat Festival all over Foshan every year. People join in the dragon boat racing by village or town. All the dragon boats are decorated colorfully and brightly. With the gongs and drums, it is lively at that time.

►Spring Festival Flower Fair
Spring Festival Flower Fair is a kind of folk custom in Pearl River Delta Area in China. The flower fair starts from 3 days prior to the Spring Festival and the Spring Festival eve is the climax of the flower fair, when it is bustling in the street with crowds of people. If you buy flower, you will be lucky and prosperous next year according to local custom.

►Xing Tongji (Cross the Tongji Bridge)
This is an unique custom in Foshan. In the past there was a river in the south part of Foshan, over which there was a bridge called Tongji Bridge. People cross this bridge, burn incense, ect on Jan 16th according to Chinese Lunar Calendar. Then Xing Tongji becomes an unique custom in Foshan, by which people hope they could go well, lucky and smooth in the new year.