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Train from Dalian to Beijing

Travel to China

In this page, we offer train from Dalian to Beijing Train information including Dalian to Beijing train schedule and more details about that for your reference. 

Types of China Train

G–High-Speed Train
C–Intercity EMU Train
D–Electric Multiple Units (EMU) Train
Z–Direct Express Train
T–Express Train
K–Fast Train
Four-digit Number Train - Regular Speed Train
L–Temporary Train

►Dalian to Beijing High Speed Train Schedule
Departure Station: Dalian Railway Station
Arrival Station: Beijing Railway Station

Train  No.
Departure  Time
Arrival Time
Running Time
6 h 9 min
6 h 10 min
6 h 23 min

Departure Station: Dalian North Railway Station
Arrival Station: Beijing Railway Station

Train No.
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Running Time
6 h 18 min

►Dalian to Beijing Ordinary Train Schedule
Departure Station: Dalian Railway Station
Arrival Station: Beijing Railway Station

Train No.
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Running Time
10 h 34 min
11 h 30 min
12 h 17 min

Attentions: Train Schedule of Dalian to Beijing is for your reference only. Please check the ticket information including the tickets fares at the railway station or by your TCT tour advisors separately.

Notes for Booking Train Tickets
1. Booking an original train is easier than booking a passing-by train. You can book a train ticket 10 days in advance at most.

2. Generally, the seats on the train in China have tow types including soft seat and hard seat. Also, there are two kinds of sleeper seats on China's trains which are hard sleeper seat and soft sleeper seat. Hard sleeper seats are divided into upper hard sleeper, middle hard sleeper and lower hard sleeper (lower hard sleeper is the best); while soft sleeper seats are divided into upper soft sleeper and lower soft sleeper (lower soft sleeper is better).

3. In China, taking a train is a comparative cheaper way to cut down the travel cost. While correspondingly, the comfortable level is lower than by air.
Luggage: you need to take the luggage by yourself and keep an eye of them on transporting time, no luggage-checking service on the train
Carriage: it may be crowded when in the domestic travel seasons as well as summer holidays.

Tips for travelling to Dalian and Beijing
Best Time to Visit Dalian
Best time to visit Dalian is April to October, especially Spring from April to June. At these months, you can see the most beautiful side of Dalian and you can get a chance to go swimming in the sea.

Travel to Dalian

Best Time to Visit Beijing

The best time to travel in Beijing is in spring and autumn, especially the late March to May, and September to mid-October. In these time period, visitors can see the most beautiful side of this metropolis; especially the Great Wall is most beautiful during the time.

Try to Avoid Domestic Travel Seasons
Try to plan your Beijing tour by avoiding the peak holidays. Because of the popularity of Beijing and traditional architectures for Chinese tourists, those attractions become more crowded in these periods.

The most crowded seasons in China are Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.), International Labour Day (May 01 to 03) and National Day (Oct 01-07). Spring Festival and the National Day golden week are the most crowded time for travelling.

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