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Dali Shopping Tips

In Dali, if you want to take a few small gifts to go back home, don’t worry about you won’t find the place to buy. In Dali Ancient City or Xiaguan, you can buy marble artwork made of the scholar’s four jewels (writing brush, ink, stick, ink slab and paper) flowerpots, vases, lamps and lanterns, etc.
Zhoucheng Town
♦ Local foods
Dali prefecture Dengchuan dairy fan is very famous, grocery and at farm product market are available; Xiaguan Tuo tea, shaped like a mushroom cap, is not stale in a long time with unique aroma, which is available in the grocery; Dali snow pear what native to eastern Erhai lake, its pulp is white and tender.
♦ Specialty
Full of rich national characteristics of the Bai batik, tie-dye is popular handicrafts, in the ancient city and Xiaguan can be seen everywhere; Jianchuan woodcarving, was originally among folk craftsmen to make furniture, doors and windows, folding screens etc., have developed some small handicraft carvings in recent years for tourists to carry, available in various arts and crafts shop.

Huguo road (foreigners' street) is the must visit place for tourists, there has concentration of various fabrics, crafts, and Yunnan-Tibet ethnic minority local specialty, and going to numerous stores tourists often have unexpected harvest.

In Butterfly Spring there is a village called Zhoucheng, from Dali or Xiaguan, there are minibuses and carriages going there. The villagers here almost everyone has its own special dye cloth workshops, tourists might as well go and see. When buying batiks, price can be appropriately barging, the price of batik is 20 Yuan. Local seal carving is also very good.

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