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Beautiful Places in Guizhou Province

Post Time: Apr 16 2015 By Sophie Huang

The most beautiful color is the nature’s color. The Best view is that you have the best emotion. As winter goes, everything turns green. The best time traveling to Guizhou is coming. Leaving all the works behind, with a backbag, start our Guizhou trip.

Wanfenglin ( Forest of Ten Thousands Peaks)--- A Vast Landscape Picture of the Land
There is a pure paradise in Southwestern China. It remains a mystery to the world. Forest of Ten Thousands Peaks is just in this paradise. The beautiful landscape and the magnificent valley are very attractive to tourists.
Wangfenglin (Forest of Ten Thousands Peaks), as the name indicates, consists of thousands of hills. It is located in the Southeast part of Xingyi City, Guizhou Province. With the intensive and odd peaks, perfectly-shaped hills, open rivers and undercurrents, karst caves and rolling hills, it creates the wonders of the world. It looks like a fairyland in the world shaped by Mother Nature, which is out of people’s imagination.

Wanfengling is separated into 2 parts according to the direction. The east part is called East Wanfenglin and the west part is called West Wanfenglin. The East Wanfenglin is sparsely populated with rolling peaks. The fields surrounded by hills look more original. In spring, green fields are full of vigour. If the view at East Wanfenglin focus on ricefields, the view of West Wanfenglin consists of water. There is a meandering stream at the foot of the hill, flowing from south to west, just like line, stringing the Buyi Villages on the bank. This river is called Nahui River. Boating along the river, you will feel that you are boating in a landscape painting. Climbing to the top of one peak, overlooking, the whole painting is in your eye with dark green hills, green and yellow fields, scattered villages, meandering stream, ect under blue sky and white clouds.

Take shuttle bus from Guiyang Bus Station to Xingyi (Duration: 5.5 hours)

Maling River
Maling River Canyon is called the most beautiful car on the earth. It would rather be a crack on the earth than a canyon. This crack lasts for hundreds kilo meters and it is more than 100 meter deep as well as dozen meters wide. Overlooking at it from the top of hills, you will find numbers of waterfalls in the canyon. Tourists could take a elevator from the top down to the bottom of the canyon. If you are energy enough, you can try to walk down the steps to the bottom, where you could fell the majesty of the waterfalls. There are 2 most amazing waterfall among them. One is Pearl Waterfall and the other is Rainbow Waterfall. The Pearl Water fall consists of several waterfalls, falling down from hundreds meters high hill, cracking on the cliffs into thousands of droplets, which look like pearls under sunshine. While Rainbow Waterfall splatter at the bottom of the canyon, it causes much mist. Tourists could see beautiful rainbows under sunshine.

Take No 4 Bus from Guiyang to Maling River Scenic Area.(Duration: 30 minutes)

Kaili is the capital of the prefecture of Southeast Guizhou Province. It is the most flourishing part in the prefecture. With the perfect situation, it is not cold in winter and not hot in summer. Kaili can be a transit city to many places. Tourists could go ahead to Norther to visit Fanjing Mountain, go to the Northwest to visit Zhenyuan Ancient Town and also could go to the West of Hunan Province visa Zhenyuan. If you will travel from Guizhou to Guilin, you could drive through Kaili to Sanjiang, to Guilin.

While you travel to Kaili, you do not need to see those famous mountains and great rivers. Walking in the streets and alleys in the city, you just need to stop for while, looking around, you will find you are in a fairly partivular city. Many people here are dressed in minority traditional clothing. People here speak their own language. After one day city tour, you could drive outside to visit Xijiang Miao Village, which is the largest Miao village in the world. Or you have more time, just drive south forward to Zhaoxing Dong Village, which is also the largest one in the world. They are good places to visit nearby Kaili.

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