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Going to the South—Exploring the Real Look of Xishuangbanna

Post Time: Apr 15 2015 By Vanessa Li

Here is the village nourished by beautiful Lancang River, here is the largest tropical rainforest in the Tropic of Cancer. In the face of sun to enjoy winter, here is the typical tropical and subtropical climate. Traveling towards south to meet different lives. Here is the home of the Dai people lived, there is the freedom of life. Here is Xishuangbanna.
Jinghong--Mandan--Wangtian Tree--Laobaoda--Jingmai Mountain--Jinghong
► Day 1 Jinghong
This trip would have been a warm winter vacation. But on the recommendation of the 5+ hostel the innkeeper, we took an unconventional route of Xishuangbanna. First, I would introduce our foothold: 5+ youth apartment Xishuangbanna. It is a new inn with warm decoration. It is convenient for hanging around to have a meal, and shopping is very convenient. There is the supermarket downstairs.

In the evening we go to the Xishuangbanna night market.
The street night market has a variety of good things to eat and interesting items...
Xishuangbanna Night Market 
► Day 2 Mandan Village
Mandan village is a xanadu deep in the rainforests. Mandan village is c one of the complete ancient villages under protection in Xishuangbanna, with mountains, water, fog, and fish. Watching a sunrise on the beautiful lake, leisurely enjoy the elephant-foot drum sound, taste characteristics Mandan sour fish. If you have extra time, you can live a few days more.
Mandan Village
Mandan village is apart from the Mong-la county seat for 10 kilometers. The stockaded village is near the mountain and by the river, the Mandan reservoir surrounded the village. Mandan surrounded by original dense virgin forests are reflected in the water, like a painting.
Mandan Village

Mandan Village
The morning sun decorate this little mountain village deep in the Mong-la nature reserve radiant, particularly spectacular. Approached the Mandan, you will see dark green tropical rainforest plants, fresh air and rosy clouds of cherry blossoms, fragrant scent of magnolia, the mirror lake, jungle areca and grapefruit shaded by a tree in the village...

Mandan Village

The villagers of Mandan remained the original fishing customs.
Mandan Village
Along the romantic and full of sensitive plant field trail, we come to the village under the big green tree. Under the big green tree there is a crafters carefully made the elephant-foot drum.
Elephant Foot Drum Village
The elephant-foot drum is exquisite and very lovely.
Elephant Foot DrumElephant Foot Drum
Day 3 Oasis in the 21°N
Jinghong Wangtian Tree is too far from Jinghong downtown, so here can't see the package tour, a lot of self-help tourists would also give up, but my first destination is here.


Professor and Prince Philip discovery and research the Wangtian Tree (parashorea cathayensis) here, proved that our country is one of the three regions that has a tropical rainforest in the world. Coming to Xishuangbanna but not visit the real forest discovery and existence place, it is so pity!

The world's tallest tree crown "air corridor", high up in the air, full length!
Day 4 Laodabao

Going to Laodabao is in order to enjoy the Lahu ethnic customs.
Lahu villagers are most of Christianization. The church here is quite different from what we see the cathedral of daily, even famous Nuofu church is also very simple.


Because villagers have a faith in Christ, the villagers every week on Sunday do not work, and pious people will go to church. After the holy bell ringing in stockaded village, people go to church about half past eight. Nearly 40 minutes after it is over. These religious songs are multi-tone chorus sung in Lahu language, accompanied by a simple accordion. Their concord is very professional, and their voice is very clean.
Day 5 Jingmai Mountain

Jingmai Mountain

Jingmai Mountain is located in Xishuangbanna border with Pu'er, there is known as "the world's only one thousand year and ten thousand mu ancient tea garden”, “the source of world tea culture heritage site” and “source of Puer tea culture the holy land".
Jingmai Mountain air is very good, and if you view the Jingmai Mountain sea of clouds and sunrise you will be intoxicated...

Jingmai Mountain
Jingmai Mountain
Day 6 Jinghong
Today, I go to Jinghong city to buy some special local product like fruit snacks, although I don’t like shopping, but still want to take some local specialties as gifts back to my friends and colleagues.

People who have enough time can visit museums, Giant Buddha Temple, etc.

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