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The Kingdom of Monkey in Guiyang---Qianling Park

Post Time: Apr 15 2015 By Sophie Huang

Qianling Park is a comprehensive park in Guiyang, built in 1957. It is located on Northwest part of Guiyang city, covering an area of 426 hectares. It is named after Qianling Mountain, which is the No. 1 Mountrain in South Guizhou Province. There is a zoo in the tranquil valley in the park, where many monkeys and birds inhabit perennially. Qianling Park is not only famous domestic attraction, but also education and training base due to the complicated geological structure and a great variety of plants.

Qianling Park consists of Sanlingwan Macaque Park, Hongfu Temple, Qilin Cave, Zoo, Qianling Lake, Wind-and-Rain Bridge and winding mountain path

►Hongfu Temple
People visit to Qianling Park are not only tourists, but also Buddhism belivers. Hongfu Temple on Qianling Mountain is an ancient temple, regarded as the No. 1 temple in Guizhou Province. It was built in Qing Dynasty with a history of hundreds years. Hongfu Temple has three halls. They are main hall, Buddhism Goddess Guanyin Hall and Maytreya Hall. Many locals go to this temple to make a pilgrimage every day for good luck, happy life, making a fortune, ect.

Note: When tourists visit to Hongfu Temple, they need to pay extra entrance fee

►Monkey Mountain
After Hongfu Temple, step down for around 30 minutes, people arrive at the Monkey Mountain, which is the most popular area in Qianling Park. Leaving the solemn temple, tourists could relax them by watching the adorable monkeys. The monkeys in the park could live in harmony with people. Some naughty monkeys would wrest the bags from tourists’ hands while they are not paying attention, searching for their favorite food. If they do not find food, they will discard the bag and leave bitterly.

1. There are professional keepers for the monkeys. Please do not feed the monkeys
2. Don’t play with baby macaques and lactating mother monkeys
3. Monkey is social animal. Don’t chase a single monkey

►Qianling Lake
After playing with naughty but adorable monkeys, tourists will get down the mountain to the bank of Qianling Lake. Tourists could choose to go boating on the lake for a relax, enjoying the pretty view. The Lake was made in 1954 covering an area of 28 hectares. It was clean up in 1999, the lake water became clearer. With the beautiful landscape of lake and mountain and peaceful atmosphere, Qianling Lake becomes a good place for locals to relax at the weekend.

1. There are boats to be rent at the bank of the lake
2. There are trains passing through the forest behind the wind-and-rain bridge. Be careful!
3. Tourists are allowed to swim in Qianling Lake. Due to many waterweeds under the lake, it is not suggested to swim here.

►How to go to Qianling Park when tourist travel to Guiyang?
1. If you depart from Guiyang railway station, you can take Bus No 1 or Bus No 2
2. If you go to Qianling Park from other places in Guiyang, you can check and take Bus No. 10, No. 12, No. 16, No. 66 ect, and get off at the stop of Qianling Mountain Park. Then walk for around 300 meters to the South gate of the park.

Entrance fee for Qianling Park: CNY5 per person
Opening hours: 06:30-22:00 daily

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