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Mount Fanjing


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Mount Fanjing of southwest China is a famous cultural mountain with a history of more than two thousand years. Mount Fanjing is located in Guizhou province Tongren City, is China's fifth largest buddhist mountain. Mount Fanjing, as early as the the warring states period, has been the mountain, "Wulingman" worshiped as the sacred mountain. Now, the mountain formally known as "Mount Fanjing", but " Fanzeng mountain", "big foshan" still circulating in the name of the folk.

Mount Fanjing is the main peak of Wuling Mountains, located at the junction of northeast river mouth of Guizhou province, Yinjiang, Songtao County, with an elevation of 2572 meters, and it is the first mountain in Guizhou. Mount Fanjing is big and bold, close to the cloud, is considered as early as “the first mountain among famous mountains”, and is a famous Buddhist holy land. Mount Fanjing in 1986, was listed as national nature reserve, with a total area of 567 square kilometers, in the same year it was awarded as international biosphere reserve network, known as the "treasure of the earth and human", and it is one of the members of China 14 projects of "man and biosphere" of United Nations global nature reserve. Mount Fanjing was identified as the world's most well-preserved primeval forest with protection in the same latitude, under the ancient stratum of 10-1.4 billion years ago, with more than 2600 kinds of biological reproduction, there are ancient plant and animal species of 70 million to 2 million years ago, tertiary, quaternary,  which become a rare ecological human kingdom. There are beautiful Alpine rhododendrons; Dovetree bloom, tall and straight "Heaven" crape myrtle, and rare animals like Guizhou golden monkey.
Fanjingshan Mountain

Mount Fanjing in southwest of China is the famous Buddhist mountains for thousands years. In the Song dynasty, Buddhism has formally introduced to Mount Fanjing. Early years of the Northern Song dynasty, in the Qiong County in Guizhou province was constructed a temple, Xiyan temple (in Yinjiang county suburbs). Xiyan temple was built in the Northern Song dynasty by the first emperor Zhao Kuangyin in third year of Qiande period (in 965), rebuilt many times in the past dynasties, and destroyed by the "cultural revolution", which is only one thousand-year-old famous temple in Guizhou.

Mount Fanjing is the "first famous mountains" in Guizhou, "the highest mountain in Wuling", located in border of northeast of Guizhou province, Yinjiang county, Jiangkou county, and Songtao county. Its highest peak - phoenix mountain with an elevation of 2572 meters above sea level, the pilgrimage place--Old Jinding (Mount Fanjing old Mountain) with an elevation of 2494 meters, the New Jingding (new mountain) of 2336 meters. Mount Fanjing is the first peak in the transition slopes from Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the West hill (relative height of 2 kilometers), it is not only the watershed of Wujiang River and Ruanjiang, it is also the highest peak across four areas of Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei province.

It is not convenient to get to Mount Fanjing, only bus can get you there.
Tongren airport is not far away from downtown, but it is still far from Mount Fanjing, therefore you need to change buses in the urban area.
There are cableway and slide in Mount Fanjing Scenic Spot, so it is very convenient to visit.
By air
Tongren airport is 22 kilometers from Tongren downtown, and there is only Guangzhou, Guiyang 2 normal routes to get to Tongren Airport.The peak season will add Beijing, Shanghai flights.
By train
Visitors can take train K71/74 (Hainan-Chongqing North), get off at the Guizhou Tongren Station, also can take train K267 (Beijing toHuaihua) to Jishou and transfer from train to car in the Bus South Station to Tongren in 13:30 car (about a bus a day, about 3 hours).
By bus
There are buses from Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Changde, Jishou, Fenghuang to Tongren every day. The peak season in Tongren have many buses to Mount Fanjin in Bus North Station (Tongren railway station 200 meters) every day, with fares of 25 Yuan/person. Off-season you need to ride to the Jiangkou bus station, then change to the Mount Fanjing.

At the foot of the mountain there are a lot of farms and hotel, you can choose according to needs, visitors can choose to live in Tongren or estuary if the time is enough, the accommodation there is relatively better, and from Tongren to the gate takes about 90 minutes. Yet Wanbaoyan is the only place to stay on the mountain, and it is not a regular hotels or hostels, accommodation is very poor and the price is more expensive. No toilet inside the room, only the outside of toilet you can pick up a little water, not a bath. Recommending living at the foot of mountain, or living near the location of the scenic spot.
Fanjingshan Mountain

Basic Information

► Best time to go
April to May is the best month to travel Mount Fanjing in each year. At that time, Mount Fanjing is the most beautiful season, with sunny day, beautiful cuckoo.
► Ticket
Peak Season (March 1st to December 30th): CNY 110
Off Season (December 1st to February 28th): CNY 90
► Open time: 08:00-18:00
► Recommending playing time: a day
► Site: Jiangkou County, Tongren, Guizhou Province

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