How to Get to Dazu Rock Carvings


Where is Dazu Rock Carvings

Dazu Rock Carvings is located in Dazu District in the northwest of Chongqing, 160 kilometers away from Chongqing in the east and 269 kilometers away from Chengdu in the west. The Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, Chengdu-Chongqing Highway, and Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway pass through the southern border. The highways connecting the main scenic spots are all high-level, and the main scenic areas are all secondary roads.
From Chongqing downtown to Dazu Rock Carving is very convenient. There are mainly two ways for you to get to Dazu, such as by bus and by taxi. How to Get to Dazu Rock Carvings?

By Bus

From airport
If tourists who flying to Chongqing, they will find a long distance bus in the Jiangbei airport to the Dazu distric. There are now 7 shifts every day at 09:50, 11:30, 13:10, 15:10, 16:40, 18:00 and 19:30 respectively. When buying tickets for Dazu grottoes, you had better make it clearly because there is a place called Dazhu (similar pronunciation in Chinese) in Sichuan. This kind of coach will stop at several places: Youting, Shuangqiao and Longshui and finally to the Dazu county. Also it will stop on the road if passengers are flagging in the street. Generally if it goes well,  it takes about 1.5-2 hours to reach the terminal--Dazu county old bus station.
From bus station
In Caiyuanba and Chenjiaping long-distance bus station there are buses going to Dazu district, basically half an hour for a bus. RMB 53 (buying from Caiyuanba station), going from Chenjiaping, the fare is about 52 Yuan. Same vehicle condition, both will take passengers who hail in the street, also stop a few stand, at the end of the terminal is old bus station.

Get off at the terminal, take No.101 for RMB 1, get off from Jishiqiao, you can see a few tiny bus park aside the road, including the bus which goes to Baoding town, ticket fare is 3 Yuan. Here is the terminal, many conductor stood on the road, which is very obvious. But the bus will depart until seats are almost full, as not many passengers in the bus, the bus wait for a while in order to hold more passages. Agricultural bank near the station, there was a pretty big supermarket; travelers can buy some food and drinks here, and things in Baota town are more expensive.
Bus information
Taking non-stop bus from Caiyuanbai bus station or Chenjiaping bus station in the Chongqing city heading to Dazu county will costs 90 minutes for 50 Yuan one way, and the fee will be higher or lower according to different season.
After arriving in the Dazu area:
1. Baoding Rock Carving Scenic Spot: minibus arriving at the Dongguan traffic light for 3 Yuan per person
2. North Mountain Rock Carving Scenic Spot: 20-minute walk
3. South Mountain Rock Carving Scenic Spot: 20-minute walk

By Taxi

If you don’t want to take bus you can also take taxi in the Dazu county. Not to hail a taxi around the old bus station, because the drivers may overcharge from customers. Normally taking taxi to Baoding town from Dazu county is 30 Yuan. If you are a solo traveler, we suggest you to take bus which is more cost-effective
Taxi information
1. Baoding Rock Carving Scenic Spot: 15 minutes drive for about 40 Yuan
2. North Mountain Rock Carving Scenic Spot: 10 minutes drive for about 10 Yuan
3. South Mountain Rock Carving Scenic Spot: 10 minutes drive for about 10 Yuan

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