Top Shopping Areas in Chongqing

There are top 5 shopping areas in Chongqing, namely Jiefangbei Business District, Shapingba Three Gorges Square, Yangjiaping, Guanyinqiao, Nanping Pedestrian Street.

Jiefangbei Business District (解放碑)

If you are in Chongqing, you could not miss a visit the Jiefangbei Business District. This district is mainly popular with people who have a comparative higher consumption level. Many international fashion and high-end brands can be found here.

► Mainly buildings in this district:
Meimei Ear Departure (美美时代百货) - the highest level departure in Chongqing
Metropolitan Shopping Plaza (大都会购物广场) - shopping for famous brand cosmetics
Chongqing Department Store(重庆百货大楼) - suitable for 30+ consumers
Ase Central Square (日月光中心广场) - you can find HM, UNIQLO there
NOVO Department (NOVO百货) - mainly to sell fashion brands

Shapingba Business District (沙坪坝)

Shapingba Business District is mainly built based on environmental idea and Three Gorges culture. This area is close the the universities area, so many students would like to do shopping here. In this area, you can learn how to bargain when purchase something.

► Mainly buildings in this district:
Wangfujing Department (王府井百货) - reasonable prices
Chongqing Department Store (重庆百货) - reliable old brand departure in Chongqing

Guanyinqiao Business District (观音桥)

Guanyinqiao District is located in the central place of Jiangbei District. It becomes more popular than Jiefangbei District in recent years. It is a 3,000-meter-long pedestrian with 2.1km ring road system and 800 meters long tunnel, thus it is worthy the name of “Business Center".

► Mainly buildings in this district:
Yuandong Department (远东百货) - the annual discount season is the most attractive thing
New Century Department (新世纪百货) - low cost and big discount

Nanping Business District (南坪商业圈)

Nanping Business District is a business center. The shopping malls in this district combine the features and the selling skills perfectly. Through various promotion methods, this district shows a leisure and comfortable shopping atmosphere to the guests.

► Mainly buildings in this district:
Wanda Square (万达广场) - where is Wanda Square, where is the city center
Sunshine Department Store (尚熙百货) - the largest department store in this district

Yangjiaping Business District (杨家坪)

Yangjiaping Business District is the oldest industrial district in Chongqing. Taking the Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street as the center, the central commercial area includes Yangjiulu, Yangjiaping main street, Shipingqiao main street, etc. Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street is the highest level and the most invested pedestrian street till now. This street is beautiful for people to have a walk.

► Mainly buildings in this district:
Longhu Xicheng Street (龙湖西城天街) - comprehensive shopping area
Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street (杨家坪步行街) - reputed as “the second biggest business center in Chongqing”

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