Top Places to See Chongqing Nightviews

The nightview of Chongqing is famous in China. People who had enjoyed it all admit that the nightview in Chongqing ranks higher than it in Shanghai and Hong Kong. There is a sentence to describe the charming night view of Chongqing - You haven’t been to Chongqing if you missed the chance to see the night view there.

Chongqing is titled as a small Hong Kong. So besides the hotpot, the beauties, the “in a value of millions of dollar” night view is also a must-see activity. There are some ways to enjoy the night view, including have a night cruising, taking the cable rope, taking BTS, etc..

Because of the special landform in Chongqing, the road should be built according to the range of the mountain. So the architectures on the slope will be level by level. When the night is coming, the lights on the buildings are shining both in the sky and in the river.

Recommended Places to See the Nightview

• Hongyadong Area (洪崖洞)
No. 88, Jialingjiang Binjiang Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区嘉陵江滨江路88号)

Hongyadong is located in the Chongqing code commercial center, on the Binjiang area which is the junction of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River. The night view here is famous and especially charming. The typical Bayu architecture - stilted architecture - are build along the mountain. Hongyadong is a wonderful place to take the night view photos.

• Red Star Pavilion in Pipashan Park (枇杷山公园红星亭)
Open Time:
8 am - 10:00 pm
Address: On the Pipashan Hill, Zhongshan Second Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区中山二路枇杷山上)
Pipashan Park is located on the Pipashan Hill in the central area of Chongqing. The altitude there is 345 meters, regarded as the highest place in Chongqing downtown. And the highest place of the park is the Red Star Pavilion. This pavilion was built in 1955 with an area of 130 square meters. When standing on this pavilion, you can have a bird view of the whole city, thus it is a wonderful place to see the night view.

• Liangjian Tower in Eling Park (鹅岭公园的两江楼)
Open Time:
8 am - 10:30 pm
Address: No. 181, Elingzheng Street, Yuzhong District (渝中区鹅岭正街181号)
Lies on the western side of Chongqing, Eling Park stands on Mt. Eling. In Qing Dynasty, a famous calligrapher who was a friend of the garden owner felt the topography of this mountain for its narrow and steep shape resembling a nape of a goose.

• BTS Night View Trip
Another modern way to see the night view is taking the BTS. The best time to take the BTS is between 19:30 and 21:30. The best line is No. 2 Line from the beginning station to the last station, totally 18 stations, round way 80min. After that, you can enjoy the whole night view can be in the eyes.

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