Top Hotpot Restaurants in Chongqing

Chongqing, famous as “a mountainous city”, is a beautiful city. And another namecard of Chongqing is the hotpot. Here I would like to list top hotpot restaurants in Chongqing for you to enjoy this fantastic taste.

Choongqing hotpot more or less likes Sichuan hotpot. The spicy taste is the highlight. If you are the first time to Chongqing, you may be lost in the various hotpot restaurants. So considering from a clean and safety view, the following restaurants can be choices in your list.

♦ Qiqi Eel Restaurant (Linjiangmen Branch)
Chinese name: 齐齐鳝鱼火锅(临江门店)
Address: No. 1, Linjiangmen, Yuzhong District (渝中区临江门1号附3号)
Cost: from CNY65 per person
Don’t miss: eel, duck intestines, cattle stomach
Introduction: Qiqi Eel Restaurant is a famous brand in Chongqing. The service is also in a high level. The typical Chongqing hotpot called “nine grids” (九宫格) should not be missed.

♦ Zhao’er Hotpot Restaurant (Chongqing General Chain Store)
Chinese name: 赵二火锅(重庆总店)
Address: No. 128, Jiefang East Road, Yuzhong District (渝中区解放东路128号望龙门车站旁)
Cost: from CNY 60 per person
Don’t miss: chicken intestines, cattle stomach, fish tofu
Introduction: Zhao’er Hotpot is comparative spicy then the other restaurant. This one was once recommended by Lonely Planet. 

♦ Little Swan Restaurant (Hongyadong Branch)
Chinese name: 小天鹅食府(洪崖洞店)
Address: 11th Floor in Hongyadong Area, No. 56, Cangbai Road, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District(渝中区解放碑沧白路56号洪崖洞11楼)
Cost: from CNY 90 per person
Don’t miss: duck intestines
Introduction: The cost of this restaurant is a little higher than the others, because of the location which can offer guests a view of the river.Besides hotpot, you can also order dishes here.

♦ Qi Hotpot Restaurant
Chinese name: 奇火锅
Address: No. 99, Tianma Road, Shapingba District (沙坪坝区天马路99号)
Cost: from CNY 60 per person
Don’t miss:
Qi Hotpot Restaurant is a national brand which has branches in the whole country such as Shanghai, Xian. Qi Hotpot is titled as “the hotpot not cause the throat uncomfortable”.

♦ Qinma Hotpot Restaurant (Three Gorges Square Branch)
Chinese name: 秦妈火锅(三峡广场店)
Address: 1st floor, Delier Mansion, Three Gorges Square, Shapingba North Road, Shapingba District (沙坪坝区沙坪坝站北路三峡广场得利尔大厦1层)
Cost: from CNY 60 per person
Don’t miss: eel, cattle stomach
Introduction: Not as good as the above ones. But the comfortable atmosphere is the reason to recommend. 

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