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How to Get to Xian from Chongqing

Chongqint to Xian Map

Where is Chongqing and Xi'an

Chongqing is located in the southwest of China, and borders on Sichuan, Guizhoiu, Hunan, Hubei, and close to Chengdu, Guiyang, Wuhan, Changsha, and Xi’an. Chongqing is a popular tourists’ destination, renowned as a mountain city with great scenery.

Xi'an is the capital of Shannxi province, and located in the central-south of Shannxi. Xi’an has convenient transportation, marked as the transportation hub of northwestern China. As a popular tourist destination, it is well known for its long history, ancient buildings and valuable historic and cultural relics.

How to Get to Xi'an from Chongqing

Xi'an is in the north of Chongqing, about 708 kilometers away from Chongqing. How to get to Xi'an from Chongqing? For tourists travelling in this two popular destinations, airplane, trains and bus are available.

By Airplane(Recommended)

How to Get to Xi'an from Chongqing by air? Chongqing to Xi’an, over 10 nonstop flights are available everyday. The earliest one leaves from Chongqing at about 6:55 and latest one at about 23: 25. It takes about 1h20m from Chongqing to Xian by flight. Air fare may be different according to days and months, thus, I advice tourists taking a flight buy a ticket at least several days ahead of time. In China, on-time rate of flights are very high, so there shouldn’t be worries about delay.

How to get to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport?
Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is located in Lianglu, Yubei District, Chongqing, about 27 kilometers away from Chongqing downtown. There are 3 ways for you to get to the airport. To Chongqing airport, first you could take an airport express bus and there are 6 lines available, Express K01, K02, K03, K05, k06 and K07. Express K01 travels between the airport and Jiefangbei, Express K02 is from the airport to the north square of Chongqingbei Railway Station. Express K03 is from the airport to Shapingba Ciqikou, Express K05 is from the airport to Si Gong Li traffic transfer hub station, Express K06 is from the airport to Chongqingxi Railway Station and Express K07 is from the airport to Shapingba Railway Station.

Second, you could take rail transit Line 3, which is from Yudong to Jurenba, and goes through the south square of Chongqingbei Railway Station and Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. Third, you could take a taxi or charter a private car.


How to get to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport?

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport is located in Weicheng District, Xianyang, about 25 kilometers away from Xi’an. Tourists could take an airport shuttle bus or take a taxi, or charter a car to the airport. There are several lines of airport shuttle bus available, which usually travels about 70 minutes, with a ticket of 25 yuan. In order to take an airport shuttle bus, tourists could go to Xi'an Railway Station(西安火车站), Xi'an Hotel(西安宾馆), Oreintal Paradisse Hotel(东方大酒店), or Xi'anbei Railway Station(西安北站). In the case of taking a taxi, it may cost about 100 yuan.

By Train

How to Get to Xi'an from Chongqing by train? Everyday, there are 22 trains from Chongqing to Xi’an, which are divided into three types, fast train(K), high speed train(G) and high speed bullet train (D), and the latter two types are much faster than the former one. Fast train takes ove 10 hours from Chongqing to Xi’an, whilte the others take about 5 hours.

For tourists taking a train, We recommend high speed train and high speed bullet train. Trains from Chongqing to Xi'an start at Chongqingxi Railway Station(重庆西站), Chongqing Railway Station(重庆火车站), and Chongqingbei Railway Station(重庆北站) and stop at Huyi Railway Station(鄠邑站), Apanggong Railway Station(阿旁宫站), Xi’an Railway Station(西安火车站), Xi’annan Railway Station(西安南站) and Xi’anbei Railway Station(西安北站). Huyi Railway Station and Apanggong Railway Station are two new railway stations, the two stations plus Xi’annan Railway Station are far away from Xi’an downtown while Xi’an Railway Station and Xi’anbei Railway Station are closer to Xi’an downtown, and have more convenient transportation to downtown.

Chongqingxi Railway Station is located in No 168, Fengzhong road, Shapingba District. There are many public buses, like No. 213, No. 325, No. 441, No. 473, No. 499, and Airport Express bus K06, Gaotie express buses G01. G02, G03, and G07, ect. Chongqing Railway Station  is located in Yuzhong district, and  tourists could take subway Line 3 and Line 1, and get off at Lianglukou station(两路口). Chongqingbei Railway Station is located in Yubei district, and tourists could take subway Line 3 and get off at the south square of Chongqingbei Railway Station(重庆北站南广场), or take a public bus and get off at the north square of Chongqingbei Railway Station(重庆北站北广场), like No. 14, No. 217, No. 245, No. 354, No. 558, No. 622 public bus, etc.

Xi’an Railway Station is in the city center, and Xi’anbei Railway Station is located in Weiyang district, about 5 kilometers from downtown. After getting out of  Xi’anbei Railway Station, passengers could walk to 500 meters to Bekezhan metro station(北客站), take metro Line 2 and get off at Zhonglou station(钟楼).


Here is some information about trains from Chongqing to Xi’an.

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration Business Class Seat First/Second Class Seat Hard Seat Hard Sleeper/Soft Sleepr
G2232 Chongqingxi 07:05 Xianbei 12:37 05:32 1227 RMB 654.5/409 RMB    
K692 Chongqingxi 09:56 Xi'annan 19:24 09:28     98 RMB 171/263 RMB
D1953 Chongqingxi 07:48 Xi’anbei 13:12 05:24 847 RMB 452/281.5 RMB    
D1969 Chongqingxi 09:03 Xi’anbei 14:10 05:07 509 RMB 452/281.5 RMB    
D1989 Chongqingbei 18:18 Xi’anbei 23:07 04:49 838 RMB 447/279.5 RMB    
K1004 Chongqing 21:22 Xi’an 08:41 11:19     112 RMB 194/301 RMB
K1034 Chongqingxi 23:11 Xi’an 09:49 10:38     102 RMB 178/274 RMB

Travel Tips

Except airplane and train, tourists may take a long distance bus from Chongqing to Xi’an, which takes much time. But we don’t recommend it to you. Air is recommended to tourists with few travelling days, and in some period, the air fare to Xi’an from Chongqing is almost the same with train fare, in this way, tourists may catch the chance. Train is recommended by tourists with a tight budget. High speed train and high speed bullet train are pretty fast, convenient, and with a low price. If you are in a really tight budget, K1004 and K1034 are recommended to you, you could stay overnight at the train, saving ticket fare and accommodation fare.

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