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How to Get to Guilin from Chongqing

 Guilin to Chongqing Map

Where is Chongqing and Guilin

Chongqing is located in the southwest of China, close to Guiyang and Chengdu. It is one of the biggest cities in the southwest, and as a tourist city, it is reputed as a mountain city and its cuisine enjoys a fame in China.

Guilin is located in the northeast of Guangxi province, and in the south of China. It is close to Guangzhou, Changsha, and Guiyang. Builting a name as an international tourism city, it is featured with its karst landscape, clean rivers and green mountains.


How to Get to Guilin from Chongqing

Chongqing and Guilin are famous tourist’s destinations in China, and it is about 840 kilometers between this two cities, which is lengthened due to the mountainous landform. Between this two cities lies Guizhou province, If you like, you may go to Guiyang first and then to Guilin. The following are two options about transporting to Guilin from Chongqing. Option 1 is more fast than option 2, but it is higher in price.

Option 1: Airplane

Chongqing has one airport, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport(重庆江北国际机场), and Guilin also has one, Guilin Liangjiang International Airport(桂林两江国际机场). Normally,  non-stop flights from Chongqing to Guilin are available, which takes about 1.5 hours  and there are also several connecting flights. The schedule of those flights may be changed according to season.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is located in Lianglu, Yubei district, Chongqing, about 27 kilometers away from Chongqing downtown. To Chongqing airport, first you could take an airport express bus and there are five lines available, Express K01, K02, K03, K04, and K05. Express K01 travels between the airport and Jiefangbei, and Express K02 is from the airport to the north square of Chongqingbei Railway Station. Express K03 is from the airport to Shapingba Yanggong bridge, Express K04 is from the airport to Konggang Xicheng and Express K05 is from the airport to Sigongli. Second, you could take rail transit Line 3, which  is from Yudong to Jurenba, and goes through the south square of Chongqingbei Railway Station and Terminal 2 of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. Third, you could take a taxi or charter a private car.

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is located in Liangjiang, Lingui district, about 28 kilometers away from city downtown.   After you get out of Guilin airport, you could take an airport express bus to city downtown. There are several lines from the airport to the downtown:  to Civil Aviation Hotel, to Guilinbei Railway Station, to Wanfu Square.  Second you could take a taxi or charter a car.

Option 2: Train

Chongqing has several railway stations, but trains from Chongqing to Guilin start at Chongqingxi Railway Station. Chongqingxi Railway Station is located in No 168, Fengzhong road, Shapingba district. There are many public buses passing through it, like No. 213, No. 325, No. 441, No. 473, No. 499, and Airport Express bus K06, Gaotie express buses G01. G02, G03, and G07, ect.

Guilin has three railway stations from passengers, and trains from Chongqing to Guilin stop at Guilin Railway Station, Guilinbei Railway Station and Guilinxi Railway Station, most of which stops at Guilinxi Railway Station and Guilin Railway Station. Guilin Railway Station is in the city downtown, Guilinbei Railway Station is in the north, and No. 100 public bus is available for passengers, and Guilinxi Railway Station is  in the north of Guilin, and No. 303 and No. 22 public buses are in service to this station.

Every day, 22 trains from Chongqing to Guilin  are available for passengers, and the earliest train start at 07:20 and the latest train starts from Chongqing at 16:18 and arrives Guilin at 21:05. All trains from Chongqing to Guilin are high speed bullet trains, and travel about 4.5 hours, which is pretty fast and convenient. Here is some information about trains from Chongqing to Guilin.

Train No.

Departure Arrival Duration First Class Seat/ CNY Second Class Seat/ CNY
D1861 Chongqingxi 07:20 Guilinxi 11:55 04:35 449 281
D1793 Chongqingxi 07:54 Guilinbei 12:35 04:41 449 281
D1791 Chongqingxi 08:10 Guilin 13:21 05:10 449 281
D1795 Chongqingxi 16:04 Guilin 21:03 04:59 449 281
D1833 Chongqingxi  16:18 Guilinxi 21:05 04:47 449 281


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