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Chongqing North Railway Station

Chongqing North Railway Station, commonly known as Longtoushi Railway Station, is located near Longtou Temple of north Chongqing City. It was completed the construction in 2006.


Basic information about Chongqing North Railway Station


English Name
Chongqing North Railway Station; Chongqingbei Railway Station
Chinese Name
Operation Time
Chongqing - Huaihua Railway, Xianyang Chongqing Railway Station, Chongqing - Lichuang Railway Station
Special Class Station
Structure of Chongqing North Railway Station
Located near Longtou Temple at north Chongqing. Chongqing North Railway Station have 3 layers, including 1 underground layer. It was decorated with glass curtain wall and light color material which made the outer appearance in silver. The whole construction area is 13121 square meters.
Walking into the wairing room, there is a 1105 square large hall. Passengers can respectively access to everywhere. The station has 2 layers of waiting halls with 5 platforms and 11 tracks.
Extension of Chongqing North Railway Station
The extension of the station will upgrade the level and enlarge the area of the station. There will be transfer station for long-distance buses and local buses. The underground layer will be the waiting room of Long-distance buses and local buses. And also there will equipped with taxi stopping platform, traffic assignment hall and so on. The second underground layer is the social parking lot. The 3rd underground layer will be orbital transfer hall and equipment room. The 4th underground layer will the platform of Line 10, and the 5th underground layer will be the platform of Line 4. The newly built North Square: covering an area of 120,000 square meters, including 56000 square meters’ green landscape and 2 bus stations. The right one is local bus station, while the left one is long-distance bus station.
The extension construction will last for 3 year, which means finishing in 2015.

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