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Muslim in Yunnan

Muslim Population in Yunnan

The Hui Nationality people had lived in Yunnan since the Tang Dynasty. At that time, they had already built some mosques. Later in Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, a large number of the Hui people moved into Yunnan. During the early Qing Dynasty, Yunnan has nearly 800,000 Hui population, becoming China's second largest Hui ethnic community after northwest region of China. According to the sixthcensus statistics in 2010, Yunnan has a population of 1.09 million muslims and  more than 867 mosques which are spread over the whole province.


The famous Hui ethnic community in Yunnan, called  Shadian. The full name of Shadian is Yunnan Honghe Hani Yi Autonomous Prefecture Gejiu City Shadian District. It is the hometown of Muhammad Ma Jian and Lin Song, who are China's famous Islamic scholars and Arabic translators. ShaDian is located in the northern suburb of Gejiu City; about 12 kilometers away from the city. 

In Shadian, you can worship in the new Shadian Great Mosque which was built in 2010 and located on the side of Shadian Gongnong Bridge. It can accommodate 10000 people's worship which makes it the largest mosque in southwest China.

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Muslim Restaurants in Yunnan

Shuncheng Street in Yunnan Kunming is one of the most popular halal food street. Almost all the Muslim restaurants and snacks are concentrated here. This street is really a Muslim flavor snack street in Kunming.  Except for halal food street, there are also authentic muslim restaurants in other cities of  Yunnan. Where can you find the famous Muslim restaurants in Yunnan? Here Top China Travel provide a list of some popular Muslim restaurants in Kunming, Lijiang and Dali. If you have tour to Muslim in Yunnan, you should not miss these delicous famous restaurants. 

City District  Muslim Restaurant Name Address Tel No. Per Capita Consumption
Kunming Panlong Taoyuan Beef Restaurant (桃源牛菜馆) No.67 Taoyuan Street, Panlong District, Kunming (0871)63138387 RMB 20
Kunming Panlong Yi Tian Yuan (伊天园) No. 146-148 Linyu Road, Bus Group Building, Kunming     (0871) 65846666 RMB 78
Lijiang Gucheng Yipin Loulan (一品楼兰) No. 70 Jinkai Street, Jinkai Square, Gucheng District, Lijiang 13709999193 RMB 45
Lijiang Gucheng  Xin Xue Ge(新月阁) No.33 Dingye Street, Suhe Old Town, Gucheng District, Lijiang 13628889460 RMB 25
Dali Dali Pinmei Halal Steak Buffet(品美) No.6-4, Raopengmingzhu, the Opposite to the city court, Cangshan Road, Dali (0872)2211788 RMB 50
Dali Dali Dali Halal Restaurant(大理清真饭店文昌街) No. 382, Wenhua Road, Dali 15912674268 RMB 50

Top Muslim Mosques in Yunnan

How many Muslim mosques are there in Yunnan? Yunnan province has more than 867 mosques. The famous ones are Kunming Nancheng Mosque, Kunming Shuncheng Street Mosque, Shadian Great Mosque, Dali South Gate Mosque, Tonghai Najiaying Mosque, etc. if you are muslims or interested in muslim culture, you should not miss these mosques!

Kunming Nancheng Mosque

Kunming Nancheng Mosque, located at Building B, Kunming Muslim Building, No. 16 Zhengyi road, has become the center of Yunnan Islamic activities over the past 100 years. The mosque founded the “Halal Monthly” in 1915 and it was the first Islamic publication in China, which had a great influence for muslims. The mosque is also the site of Mingde Middle School, the first ethnic middle school founded in 1926 in Yunnan province.

Kunming Shuncheng Street Mosque

Kunming Shuncheng Street Mosque, located in Dunren Lane, Shuncheng Street, is the largest mosque in Kunming. It was built in the first year of Hongxi (1425) in the Ming dynasty and expanded in the early years of Daoguang in the Qing dynasty. The mosque now covers an area of about 10,000 square meters with the dean's room, the classroom, the bath room and the funeral home and other buildings.

Shadian Great Mosque

Shadian Great Mosque, which was built in twenty-three years of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing dynasty (1684), has a long history and covers a total area of 21,000 square meters. It is the largest mosque in southwest China and can accommodate 10000 people's worship at the same time. It is also one of the 100 famous mosques in China.

Dali South Gate Mosque

Dali South Gate Mosque, which was built in the Yuan dynasty, is one of the 100 famous mosques in China, too. It is located at No. 51, Boai road, Dali Ancient City, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture covering an area of 13200 square meters.

Najiaying Mosque is located in the Nagu Hui Autonomous Township, Tonghai County, Yunnan Province. It is an ancient Islamic mosque in China. It is said that the temple was hosted by Nasulading, who was the governor of Yunnan Province in the late 13th century. The construction area of the whole temple is about 10,000 square meters serving as the religious activity and education center for Nagu Muslims.