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Muslim in Beijing

Muslim Population in Beijing

The Hui Nationality is the most populous ethnic minorities in Beijing. According to the historical records, there were many Muslims living and building mosques in Beijing since the Yuan Dynasty. According to the sixth census statistics in 2010, the Muslim population in Beijing was 249223.

Muslim Areas in Beijing


Beijing Muslims are mainly distributed in Niujie, Jjiaozi Alley, Flower Market, Changying, Madian, Yujiawu and Daxing, Changping, Shunyi, Miyun and other districts and counties in the far urban areas.

There are two Hui townships in Beijing, respectively are Yujiawu Hui Township in Tongzhou District and Changying Hui Township in Chaoyang Distric.

The largest Muslim quarter in Beijing is Niujie in Xuanwu district, Beijing which is thousands of years old. As the largest Muslim community in Beijing, there are live 120,000 Muslims lives in Niujie area, accounts for 23% of the region's total population. In Niujie, there is the largest halal supermarket in Beijing as well as beef and mutton market, Hui people hospital, Hui people kindergarten, primary school and middle school. There is nursing home, too.

To respect the Muslim faith and life, there is a set of special regulations in Niujie: non-halal restaurants are banned in Niujie central region; All restaurants and non-staple food shops are not allowed to sell Hui taboo food; Street officers and nearby community units all eat Muslim food; Street workers do not bring prohibited food of Hui nationality into the office;The police station civilian police need to avoid actively if encounter dweller worshipping when they enters a house to visit.

Halal Food in Beijing

halal food

Halal food in Beijing has a long history and unique flavor. It is an important part of Beijing food culture. The origin of halal food in Beijing is in line with the introduction of Islam into Beijing.

There are more than 500 varieties of halal dishes in Beijing, according to the published Halal Menu. Sauce beef and mutton, baked sweeten wheaten cake (Tang Huo Shao), pie, bean juice (Douzhir), whitewater sheep’s head, quick-boiled tripe, Xinjiang nuts cake, etc., are famous for hundreds of years, and are well known at home and abroad.

Muslim Restaurants in Beijing

muslim restaurant in Beijing

Beijing is one of the most popular cities in China. The cuisine in this city comes from different places all over the world. For those who can only eat Halal food during a tour, finding Muslim restaurants is quite important for them. Here TCT would like to introduce some top Halal food restaurants in Beijing, China, for your reference. 

District Muslim Restaurant name Address Phone No. Per Capita Consumption
Haidian  Xiyuan Hotel Xinjiang Restaurant 1/f, Xiyuan Hotel, No. 1 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District (010)68313388-10126
RMB 200
Chaoyang Yijinyuan North Tucheng East Road, Longze Yuyue Scenic Area, Yuandaducheng Site Park, Chaoyang District        (010)84652288 RMB 184
Xicheng Hongbinlou No.11, Exhibition Hall Road, Xicheng Distric (010)68992569 RMB 139
Xicheng Khan Tengger Restaurant 1 / f, Xinjiang Hotel, No. 7 Sanlihe road, Xicheng District (010)68339999 RMB 101
Xicheng/Haidian Barbecue Wan 1. 58 Nanli Road, Xicheng district
2. No. 69 Wanquanhe Road, Haidian District

RMB 109 

RMB 70

Xicheng Nanlaishun 12 South Caiyuan Street, Xicheng District (010)63534720
RMB 59
Xicheng Hongshunxuan No. 3 Commercial Street, North Gate, NiuJie (010) 83548892 RMB 50


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Top Muslim Mosques in Beijing

There are 70 mosques in Beijing, mainly including the Niujie mosque, Dongsi mosque, the flower market mosque, the Mardian mosque, the Tongzhou mosque, the Changying mosque and so on.

Top 1 Niujie Mosque in Beijing

Niujie Mosque in Beijing

Niujie Mosque, which was built in the northern Song Dynasty (AD 996), is Beijing's oldest, largest-scale Muslim ancient temple, also is one of the world’s famous mosques. It is located in Guang'anmen Niujie street, south city of Beijing and can serve for one thousand people's worship.

Top 2 Dongsi Mosque in Beijing

Dongsi Mosque

Dongsi mosque, which was founded in 1356 AD of the Yuan dynasty, is located at 13 Dongsi South Street, Beijing. It is now resident of Beijing Islamic assciation. It was listed as Beijing cultural relic protection unit in 1984.

Top 3 Flower Market Mosque in Beijing

Flower Market Mosque

The Flower Market mosque, which was built in the 13th year of Emperor Yongle in the Ming dynasty (1415), is one of the four ancient temples of Islam in Beijing. It is located in the south of West Flower Market Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

Top 4 Madian Mosque in Beijing

Madian Mosque


Madian, is one of the areas inhabited by fellow Hui people in Beijing. It is outside the Desheng Gate, Beijing. The Madian mosque was built during the reign of Emperor Kangxi and was repaired in Emperor Daoguang 30 years (1850 AD).

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