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Muslims in China

Muslim in China has about 1400 years of history; it has continuous interaction with Chinese society. Each region in China is distributed Muslims. There are a large amount of population of Muslims who believe in Islam in China.

Number of Muslims in China
China has numerous Muslims who believe in Islam.Based on 2009 China's census, the Pew Research Center concluded in a study that there were 21,667,000 Muslims in China, which accounted for 1.6% of the total Chinese population.

Muslim groups
Muslims in China are mostly Sunni Muslims. Several China's Muslim communities features in the presence of female imams. Ma Tong, one of the Islamic scholars, recorded that there are about 6,781,500 Hui in China predominately following the Orthodox form of Islam mainly adhering to the Hanafi Madh'hab. But, there are a large amount of Muslims who are Sufi groups. Ma Tong told that, Muslim in China has about 21% Yihewani group, 10.9% Jahriyya group, 7.2% Khuffiya group, 1.4% Qadariyya group, and 0.7% Kubrawiyya group.

Chinese Muslims and the Hajj
From 1401 to 1433, the famous admiral Zheng He and his Muslim crews had made the journey to Mecca and performed the Hajj during one of the former's voyages to the western ocean. After this, a lot of other Muslims in China also made several times of Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca during posterior years.

Briefly during the Cultural Revolution, Chinese Muslims were not allowed to attend the Hajj, and only did so through Pakistan, but this policy was reversed in 1979. Chinese Muslims now attend the Hajj in large numbers, typically in organized groups, with a record 10,700 Chinese Muslim pilgrims from all over the country making the Hajj in 2007.