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Muslim in Shanghai

It is believed that Islam had been introduced to Shanghai since Yuan dynasty. After Shanghai port was opened, a large number of Muslims moved to Shanghai. According to statistics, in 1936, except for the concession in Shanghai, there were more than 7,000 people who believed in Islam. By October 1949, the number had reached up to more than 20,000. According to the sixth census statistics in 2010, more than 85,000 people of the 10 ethnic minorities who believe in Islam were registered in Shanghai. Muslim in Shanghai will introduce some basic informaiton of Shanghai Muslim. 

Muslim Market in Shanghai

Muslim Market in Shanghai

Muslim in Shanghai mainly go to worship at Huxi Mosque every Friday. After the worship, people will gather together and talk with each other. There is a Muslim market near the mosque which only opens in Friday. Most of the stalls there are authentic Xinjiang people  who sell the most authentic halal food.

►Important Information of Shanghai Muslim Market: 

Address: 1328 Changde Road, near Aomen Road (常德路1328号近澳门路)

Available time: 10 am to 3 pm every Friday

Metro station: Changshou Road (长寿路)

What to expect: Lots of stalls on either side of the street, lots of delicious lamb and rice dishes, pop-up restaurants, friendly faces, smoky aroma

Popular Halal Foods: Lamb Kebab, Mutton eaten with hands, Roast lamb chops/cashews/legs, Roast Whole Lamb, naan, cold noodles, cakes and pastries, Yogurt and dried fruit

Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

Where are the famous Muslim restaurants in Shanghai? Here Top China Travel provide a list of some popular Shanghai Muslim restaurants.

District  Muslim Restaurant Address Tel No. Per Capita Consumption
Putuo Yelishali (耶里夏丽)  4/f, Bailian Shopping Plaza,1288 Zhenguang Road, Putuo District (021)62681633 RMB 88
Pudong Yelishali (耶里夏丽)  No. 918, Dongfang Road, Pudong District (021)50201057 RMB 93
Pudong Yelishali (耶里夏丽) 2F, No. 168 of Lujiazui Road (W), Pudong New Area, Shanghai (021)58889211 RMB 94
Hongkou Yelishali (耶里夏丽) 5F, No.388, West Jiangwan Rd., Hongkou District, Shanghai (021)65879786 RMB 97
Baoshan Xiang Sheng Ju(祥盛居) 3/F, Wanda Golden Street, Baoshan, Baoshan District (021)61170189 RMB 107
Huangpu Tajine Moroccan(塔金摩洛哥) No. 7, the bund, East Yan'an Road, Huangpu District (021)63309801 RMB 202
Putuo Ningxia Impression (宁夏印象) 1/f, Kaiyue building, 1580 Jiangning Road, Putuo District  (021)61248699 RMB 92

Click here to find more Halal Food Restaurants in Shanghai.

Top Muslim Mosques in Shanghai

How many Muslim mosques are there in Shanghai? Where are they? There are 7 Muslim mosques in Shanghai, including Songjiang mosque, Xiaotaoyuan mosque and Huxi mosque. Here we introduce Top 4 mosques in Shanghai for your reference. These mosques are good places for Muslim in Shanghai to worship.

►Top 1 Shanghai Songjiang Mosque

Shanghai Songjiang Mosque


Songjiang Mosque, located in Songjiang District, is the oldest Islamic mosque in Shanghai which was built between 1341 and 1367 AD. It is an Islamic temple combining the classical style of Chinese palace with the Arab architectural style covering an area of 4,900 square meters and a construction area of 2,100 square meters. At ordinary times, the number of worshipers is less than 10, and the number of people attending the reunion ceremony is less than 20. But visitors (including foreign guests) are frequent. It was listed as a key cultural relic protection unit in Shanghai in 1982. The Songjiang Mosque is an important relic of the cultural exchange between Arabia and China, and is also one of the symbols of the combination of Islamic culture and Chinese culture. 


►Top 2 Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Mosque

Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Mosque

Xiaotaoyuan Mosque, located at 52 Xiaotanyuan Street, South of Shanghai, is the center of Shanghai Muslim religion, education and cultural activities. Because the gate of the mosque is opposite Xiaotaoyuan Street, hence the name " Xiaotaoyuan mosque ". The mosque was first built in 1917 and rebuilt at its current site in 1925. It is a four-garden-roofed mosque in the style of west Asian Islam. At present, the Shanghai mosque management committee as well as the Shanghai Islamic Society and other institutions are set in this mosque. It covers an area of 500 square meters, with two floors which could accommodate thousands of people to worship at the same time.


►Top 3 Shanghai Huxi Mosque

Shanghai Huxi Mosque

Huxi Mosque is located at No.3, Lane 1328, Changde Road, Putuo District. It is the first mosque rebuilt in Shanghai after liberation. The whole building is exquisitely carved, magnificent and full of features of modern Arab Islamic architecture. With an area of 1,125 square meters,  the hall of worship is divided into two floors well equipped with a men's and women's bath room, lecture hall, dean's room, reception room and so on.  The upper floor is for women to worship.


►Top 4 Shanghai Fuyoulu Mosque

Shanghai Fuyoulu Mosque

Fuyou Road Mosque, founded in the ninth year of Emperor Tongzhi (1870) in the Qing dynasty, is the second mosque established by Muslims in the history of modern Shanghai Islam. It is located at No. 378 Fuyou road, Laobeimen, South of Shanghai. It covers an area of about 450 square meters with the dean's room, the library, the conference hall, the bathing water room and so on.


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