Where to Eat in Kunming

Kunming is a paradise of gourmet. Then where to eat in Kunming? Top China Travel recommends several famous gourmet blocks and food streets in Kunming to show you where to eat delicious foods in Kunming.

Xiba Road 西坝路美食

Xiba Road food area is mainly Guizhou flavor as the theme, in addition to 5 or 6 Guizhou home restaurants, there is also Yunnan flavor cuisine restaurant, Sichuan cuisine restaurant in the Xiba road. In the intersection of Xiba Road, there are three famous Guizhou soup goose hotpot restaurants, gastrodia elata ham and chicken hotpot restaurant, Liuyishou hot pot Xiba restaurant. Alongside there is a Xuanwei pig meal that has Yunnan local dishes, which is delicious and cheap. Xiyuan south road has a famous old restaurant that used ham as mainstream products. Here is cool white meat, golden sliced potato, and others special dishes are best selling.
Xiba Road

Middle of Guanshang Road 关上中路美食

Middle of Guanshang Road has become a new highlight of food in Kunming. There is a famous Young Pigeon Emperor Old Restaurant, famous hot pot king of Little Swan Hotpot Restaurant, the Yunnan flavor boutique restaurant Kunming Spring Restaurant. Especially with the theme of green ecological taste, in the aspect of innovation Yunnan dishes, Yunnan flavor boutique restaurant Kunming Spring’s foods worth tasting. Wild Fungus Street has Hongfanyuan Restaurant, Xiao Chao Hong Chun Restaurant, wild fungus, Red River Valley, Shanghai Family Restaurant, Hakka King and so on the various styles of cuisine restaurants. In here, you can easily taste delicious foods of Yun nan various characteristics.
Middle of Guanshang Road

Beijing Road 北京路美食

Beijing Road food is given priority to with Seafood Street behind the Golden Dragon Hotel, although there is fewer seafood restaurants, other flavor is very rich. There was first introduced Brazil barbecue of Kunming, Shanghai cuisines in Shanghai Jinhua Hotel. In there not only you can taste the flavor of the Chinese metropolis Shanghai, also you can see the night scenery at Beijing road in the heart of the city of Kunming. Restaurant in Shanghai Jinhua Hotel is one of the most romantic restaurants in the south of Kunming. In this area, there is Laodong porridge imperial tea restaurant, Fuzhao restaurant Jinjiang branch, three trees pig feet hot pot and so on which formed a new food territory in Kunming. And Fuzhao Restaurant Jinjiang Branch within this area is the highest grade of Yunnan cuisine restaurant, which mainly provides Yunnan steamed-pot chicken.
Beijing Road

Sanshi Street 三市街美食

Taking Youth Road as the center to Sanshi street, Wucheng Road and Cuihu, there are many fast food or western restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, pizza hut, UBC coffee, a lot of world brand restaurant chains have take the place of largest flow in Yunnan to attract children and the younger generation to have meals. Besides fast foods or western restaurants, there is also batch of Yunnan flavor restaurants, like Yunhexiang Retaurant, Sister Su Hotpot, Xiangyun Food City, and Dade restaurant etc., forming one of the most popular food paradises in Kunming center. In recent years, all across bridge rice noodle chain restaurants gathered here and became one of the best places for foreign visitors enjoy the cross bridge rice noodle. In this area, the characteristic flavor of Yunnan and the historical appealing exotic restaurant is one hundred years old cartilage that general Cai E with Xiaofengxian once lived. Its environment and delicious food is first-class, it is currently the best Yunnan flavor restaurant, where collects homely food of Yunnan delicacies there in Kunming.
Sanshi Street

Xishi District 西市区美食

Xishi District has Xinyuan Road, including Xishi district hi-tech development zone, Majie street town, etc. Xingyuan road is the major gourmet region, it has Dianxi garden, the millennium park, the New Kunming Pavilion, Yipindian and nearly 10 large Yunnan flavor restaurants, with the famous Chongqing Little Swan hot-pot, Kaili sour chicken soup, and many other old brand restaurants and become the one big characteristic of Xishi District.
Xishi District

Dianchi Road 滇池路美食

In Dianchi road there are many famous restaurants and hot pot restaurants, like New Longmen restaurant, Victoria seafood restaurant, Hong Kong chain restaurants of Zen, the bund No.1, little swan hotpot restaurant, sleeping beauty rstaurant, little country pavilions, and many other restaurants such as the oldest and most famous restaurants. You can find many dishes here whether Chinese dishes or foreign foods (Western-style, Japanese restaurant), whether hotpot or seafood.  In addition, this area also has some new high-end restaurants, such as east road of Tianshunxiang in Hongta East Road, Swan Lake restaurant in Guangfu Road, they are relatively new high-end restaurants in Kunming Nanshi district, give priority to dozen of products in Cantonese cuisine, such as abalone, shark's fin.
Dianchi Road

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