Dai Ethnic Restaurants in Kunming

Yunnan's climate seems to be very hot all the year round. In Kunming recently the temperature is about 30 .In such a hot season, hot and sour flavors are favored by diners. When it comes to hot and sour taste, people will think of the Dai national minority diet. The Dai national minority diet has the unique and distinctive features. In people's minds, tend to associate sour with Dai, the meal must have sour food become an eating habit of Dai people.
In Kunming, there are many Dai restaurants then which restaurants are authentic and delicious? Here Top China Travel will list six delicious Dai restaurants for everybody.
Man Hui Suo Dai Cate (曼回索傣家美食)

With its pure and normal ingredients, the environment is extremely rich in the Dai nationality feelings, and the hospitality of the Dai national minority people will bring you a unique enjoyment. Man Hui Suo Dai has a lot of cuisines, such as lemongrass roasted fish, Dai ghost chicken, roasted pork belly, pineapple rice, Dai beef and so on. Everything here is absolutely can satisfy your taste buds.

Specialty: ghost chicken, fish, pineapple rice...
Recommend index: ★★★★★
Address: No.35-37 Huguo Road, Wuhua District (diagonally across the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)
Man Hui Suo Dai Cate

Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo Dai Restaurant (凤尾竹傣味餐厅)

This restaurant is a blend of essence of Mangshi city Dai cuisine and Xishuangbanna Dai cuisine. The restaurant’s decoration is Dai characteristic, the environment is elegant, spacious, and there are unique wooden independent private rooms can provide business banquets, family gatherings and other needs. Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo Dai Restaurant materials are from the original place, keeping the pure ingredients and the characteristics of the original production to make out of the most authentic Dai dishes!
Specialty: stir-fried beef with bamboo shoots, lemon...
Recommend index: ★★★★★
Address: No.3-4 the gate of Palace Restaurant, Muxu village, Guangdu District
Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo Dai Restaurant

Mangshi City Dai Family (芒市傣家)

They choose fresh foods, unique ingredients to produce aromatic and authentic flavor of Dai style food which will satisfy your taste buds and stomach.

Specialty: ghost chicken, roast pork, grilled fish...
Recommend index: ★★★★★
Address: No.206 old Minhang Road, Guandu District
Mangshi City Dai Family

Dai Hong Yuan (傣宏缘)

This restaurant’s decoration is given priority to with the Dai national minority characteristics. Dai Hong Yuan chooses fresh foods with fastidious makings, every meal after attentively cooking by a chef, which is delicious taste and has rich nutrition. In such hot season having meal in their restaurant, it is really refreshing and appetitive! In addition, Dai Hong Yuan entertains guests hospitably as the Dai people to let you enjoy the authentic Dai food.

Specialty: Grandma Potato, Lemon Chicken, Fried Banana Flower...
Recommend index: ★★★★★
Address: 3rd Floord and 4th Floor of Kunming Corridor, No.17 of Renmin Middle Road, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan
Dai Hong Yuan

Yingjiang Dai Flavor Garden (盈江傣味园)

This is a restaurant with history of ten years old, inheriting the Dai traditional food production, truly make healthy and delicious Yingjiang taste. Yingjiang Dai Flavor Garden has the superior geographical position, the environment is clean and tidy, services are warm and thoughtful, and food is fresh with no additives. When you enjoy the delicious hotpot you don't have to worry about the taste of hot pot will remain on your clothes!

Specialty: Dai Flavor hotpot
Recommend index: ★★★★
Address: Golden Horse & Jade Chicken Square, Xishan District, Kunming+98
Yingjiang Dai Flavor Garden

A Li Ke Xiang (阿力可香)

This is a restaurant from beautiful Xishuangbanna, original ecology and nature constitutes the Aini ethnic catering culture. A Li Ke Xiang ha s delicious chicken in thick bamboo tube, sour bamboo shoots stir-fried beef, characteristic pilaf, etc. Unique flavor is nutritious and healthy. Aini people are living in the mountain with water. Making the most delicious food with the most ecological ingredients is Aini diet style, and its dishes are rich and varied.

Specialty: chicken in the thick bamboo tube, sour bamboo shoots stir-fried beef, characteristic pilaf
Recommend index: ★★★★
Address: No.105, Building JB2-4, Golden Horse & Jade Chicken Square, Xishan District, Kunming (close to Kunming Children’s Hospital)
A Li Ke Xiang