Famous Special Restaurants in Kunming

Going to Kunming you must to have try Yunnan cuisine, whether it is Guo Qiao Mi Xian (Bridge-crossing noodle), fungus hot pot, or not well-known ethnic cuisines, all kinds of tastes moving the tip of the tongue, now take a look at the restauranta in the city of Kunming, which is worth to recommend.
Fuzhaolou Yunnan-Style Chinese Restaurant (福照楼汽锅鸡饭店)

It is the representative of traditional Yunnan Cuisines, its steam pot chicken is golden with tender taste. Its interior design is great and shows the appearance of old and famous restaurant which is quite popular in the local. It is in the first floor of Jinjiang hotel with a large place and good environment. The flavors of the dishes are satisfying! The steam pot chicken soup is very fresh and very sweet, rice noodle is good taste, crispy beans are salty and hot peppers have distinguishing feature. Flame mashed potatoes is very special that wrapping a ball of blue flame, which is very eye-catching.

Restaurants in Kunming will close early. After half past eight, basically there is no steam-pot chicken, rice noodle shop also are closed before 9 p.m. This steam-pot chicken here is really good, its duration is longer and degree of heating, cooking, smelting is suitable, so chicken meat taste delicious and chicken soup is light and refreshing.
► Specialties: steam-pot chicken, flame mashed potato, characteristic barbecue
► Consumption per person: 67 RMB
► Address: The first floor of Jinjiang Hotel, No/98 Beijing Road, Guangdu District
► How to get to Fuzhaolou Yunnan-Style Chinese Restaurant: Taking bus No.239 to Beijing Road (Jinjiang Hotel); or Taking airport bus line no.2 to Jingjiang Hotel.
Fuzhaolou Yunnan-Style Chinese Restaurant

A Seal (Fan’s Mansion) (一颗印)

Coming to Jingxing Street Flower-and Bird Market, how can you not go to try steam-pot chicken of restaurant “A Seal” in the Jixiang lane? It is said to be an old house with a history of more than 150 years, the appearance of house like a seal, from high hanging red lanterns to the tableware made by tiles, all shows the full-bodied feelings of Yunnan. It is called Old House Restaurant (昆明老房子饭馆) by local people because it is the Fan’s mansion.

Old house is located in the Jixiang lane next to Jingxing Flower-and Bird Market. Its Yunnan cuisines are authentic, and its location is very good that it is center of the city. The steam-pot chicken, barbecue in tiles and stuffed tofu taste really good, the steam-pot chicken is fresh as stewed chicken. But barbecue in tiles are too fatty that doesn't sit well with our appetite, stuffed tofu feels more distinctive.

► Recommended dishes: steam-pot chicken, shredded chicken rice noodle, barbecue in tiles
► Consumption per person: 70 RMB
► Address: No.18-19 Jixiang Lane, Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District (close to the east of Jingxing Jewry Building)
► How to get to A Seal: Taking bus No.10, 82, 84, 116, and k113 to Nanping Street West Entry Stop
Opening hour: 11:00-22:00
A Seal (Fan’s Mansion) 

Shiping Guild Hall (石屏会馆)

Shiping Guild Hall is a Yunnan style restaurant, there are many local delicacies, and Shiping tofu is a featured dish of the restaurant. Restaurant is an antique wooden building, its environment and the service is good. Shiping Guild Hall is a three-section compound (courtyard with three directions house around) and two floors building built in Qing dynasty. It is said that it was built in order to receive the Shiping scholars when they stayed in Kunming so it was like a Shiping office in Kunming. Original it was Jiangxi businessmen hall, in the tenth years of the republic of China; it was reconstructed organized by the only Yunnan scholar Mr Yuan Jiagu and celebrity Zhang Zhijiang. This Guild Hall main dish is Shiping specialities, but also provides different regions cuisines of Yunnan.
In the front yard there is beautiful girl playing the Chinese ancient zither, which added a feeling of elegance to the hall. Eating here the most important is atmosphere, so you have better come early, otherwise you will not get the table in the yard. The specialty here is Shiping bean curd. Yunnan tofu is strange, its taste is sour, cover with some very spicy ingredients, and its taste is heavy. The price is quite high here.
► Recommended dishes: Shiping tofu, Steam-pot Chicken
► Consumption per person: 95 RMB
► Address: No.24 Zhonghe Lane, Hunan Road, Wuhua District
► How to get to Shiping Guild Hall: taking bus No.100, 133, 235, z5 to Cuihu South Road Stop.
Shiping Guild Hall 

Jianxin Garden (建新园)

Jianxin Garden is an old restaurant which has a long history, its Guo Qiao Mi Xian (Bridge-crossing rice noodle) taste fresh and unique. And its Cuiwang rice noodle, assorted cold rice noodle is recommended. In addition to abundant ingredients, the waiter serves customers the chicken blood, and dry chicken gizzard and other five or six small plates of side dishes, including small tureen of steam-pot chicken. But compared with Yunnan rice noodle soup base, this steam-pot chicken is a bit like the plain boiled water. Guo Qiao Mi Xian soup base is really fresh rice noodle very tender. On the contrary, cool rice noodle impressed me. Hot and sour taste with cool rice noodle, it is great. It is no wonder that many people have recommended cool rice noodle. But people who can't eat spicy may not accept this kind of taste.

Guo Qiao Mi Xian with a big bowl of soup which just scoop out from the hot pot, don't drink the soup immediately, reasonably your tongue will be boiled. A bowl of Guo Qiao Mi Xian, there are many small dishes, containing bits of meat, a few small pieces of salted chicken, a quail eggs (Jianxin Garden’s egg is ripe, but in other places the eggs are raw that you need to put it into the boiled soup), some of garlic, hard bean curd and so on with about ten variety. According to the instruction, first put the meat, eggs in the boiled soup and then put other ingredients. It is worth a try, especially with the chicken soup that is very thick.
► Specialty: Guo Qiao Mi Xian (bridge-crossing noodle), cool Guo Qiao Mi Xian
► Consumption per person: 20 RMB
► Address: No.13 front Jinbi Street, Jinbi road, Xishan District, Kunming
► How to get to Jianxin Garden: taking bus No.3, 4, 62, 73, 90, 98, 107 to Jinmafang stop.
 Jianxin Garden

1910 Railway South Station (1910火车南站)

The dishes here are delicious and not expensive. Its environment is special, Yunnan cuisine is tasty, and has the feeling of themed restaurant. 1910 Railway South Station theme restaurant has distinguishing feature of Yunnan cuisines. It is old French style architecture in the early 20th century, there is a very big yard of many train elements. The yard is cut-through by a railway track, and there is a lot of Kunming station railway old photos hanged in the room. The dishes here taste heavy, overall is quite good to eat.
► Consumption per person: 66 RMB
► Opening Hour: 11:00-22:00
► Address: No.8 New Street, Xinshan District (close to the back door of the First People’s Hospital)
1910 Railway South Station

Dian Jun Wang (King of Yunnan Fungus) (滇菌王)

Here is a good place to eat fungus, you can put all fungus your order into pot to boil together, it is fresh, nutritious and healthy. Dian Jun Wang is a restaurant specializes in Yunnan wild fungus hotpot, and it has many types of fungi. Wild fungus prices are higher and higher in recent years, so it is also expensive. Soup is made of goose meat. Add all fungi to cook for 15 minutes, when you eat they are really sweet and good taste.
► Consumption per person: 130 RMB
► Address: 1st floor of Silversea Spring Garden, No.173 Guanxing Road, Guandu District, Kunming City
► How to get to Dian Jun Wang: taking bus No.122 to the middle of Guanxing Road and can walk there.
Dian Jun Wang (King of Yunnan Fungus)