Traditional and Special Chongqing Restaurants

According to historical records, the British adventurer Archibald Little set up company in Chongqing. On the day of opening, he banqueted guests in Hubei and Hunan guild hall for four days and four nights. Guests can have dinner and watch the theatre at the same time. In the later time, because of distinctive restaurants moving to Chongqing, guild dish was replaced gradually.

Now, in order to inherit and develop the traditional cooking culture after the division of history into periods, still there are some guild halls running business, such as the Hubei and Hunan guild hall, hall of Chongqing, Shaanxi hall, etc. This kind of restaurants per capita consumption is higher, people who are nostalgic can have a try.

Eight Guild Hall(捌会馆)

Hall adopts the Diaojiao building environment (Stilted Building) design, the chair is of primitive simplicity. Staircase has put the photos of boss and some countries leaders, or with famous people, celebrities. Inside, all the waiters welcome customers in salute. Hall food is very delicate, some items have story, very interesting. The specialty is pork tripe stew with pomelo and ginko. It uses Liangping pomelo peel as container and fills it with stewed pork tripe with ginko which will bring out the scent of pomelo peel.
Add: Banana Garden No.1, 2-6, Dongshui Gate, Yuzhong District(渝中区东水门正街芭蕉园1号2-6号)
How to get there: Taking bus No.349, 329, 382, 141, 112 to Wanglongmen Stop.
Eight Guild Hall

Yutu Guild Hall(于涂会馆)

The whole hall only has eight rooms, filled with the boss's private collection, only accept reservation! If there is no reservation, people can't be in the dinner. Each table has the corresponding theme every time when you have dinner, before having meal the waiter will talk about their family history and some of the topics story! It is novel and special! Food is very delicate and also very creative!
Add: Haitangxiaoyue Building B6, Nanbin Road, Nanan District(南岸区南滨路海棠晓月B6栋(Q7酒店旁))
Opening Hour: 11:00-23:00
How to get there: Taking bus No.338 to Fuguishi Stop
Yutu Guild Hall

Tao Ran Ju·Chongqing Guild Hall(陶然居·重庆会馆)

The geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient and quick. Store decoration style is luxury, the service is above the level, which is suitable for wedding or business banquets. Food taste is general, but the snails and big bun is the must-ordered dishes of the restaurant, and the price is a bit expensive.
Add: Longhu Jingxing Building No.162, Xinnan Road, Yubei District (重庆市渝北区新南路162号龙湖晶星座)
How to get there: Taking bus No.558, 288 to Longhu Xiyuan Stop
Tao Ran Ju·Chongqing Guild Hall

Tao Ran Ju·Taoran Guild Hall(陶然居·陶然会馆)

Tao ran hall is a high-end restaurant of Tao Ran Ju Group, located in the first floor of chamber of commerce building. Because of the roadside trees cover, the restaurant may be not easy to see. The dishes price is similar with Chongqing guild hall. Sichuan dishes are very authentic with some innovation. Like Chinese sauerkraut, eel cooked in slate, etc all can give guests a deep impression.
Add: Hongjin Avenue No.50, Jinshan Road No.5, Yubei District(重庆市渝北区金山路5号红锦大道50号)
How to get there: Taking bus No.608, 609, 610 to California Garden
 Tao Ran Ju·Taoran Guild Hall

Shaanxi Guild Hall(陕西会馆)

If people born in Chongqing and grow in Chongqing who have never been to Shaanxi and haven't eaten authentic Shaanxi food, coming to Shaanxi Guild Hall is a good choice. Hall environment is clean and tidy, products weight is enough. Whether noodle soup, Paomo or Roujiamo, embodies the genuine flavor of Shaanxi, especially that a little bit of raw garlic on the table, giving you a feeling of as if you really be in Shaanxi. Recommend trying to eat Roujiamo and sesame paste Liangpi which tastes very authentic.
Add: Xinnan Road No.5, Xinbeifang, Yubei District (渝北区新牌坊新南路5号)
How to get there: Taking bus No.865, 880 to Xinpaifang North Street
Shaanxi Guild Hall

Ancient Sichuan Restaurant(古川菜馆)

Ancient Sichuan Restaurant is located inside the Hubei and Hunan guild hall, reproduce the whole process of the ancient Bashu diet, from the hall design, furniture setting, utensils, clothes, etiquette, until the dishes cooking, all return to the way of history and even the eating process and drinkers' wager games are closely related to the past dynasties. Scene reconstruction combined with food revivification, all these make people enjoy the ancient feeling of Sichuan restaurant and cuisine.

In Hubei and Hunan guild hall, there are several rooms of Han, Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties experience pavilion. All rooms decorate according to the regnant style, modeling and tableware is modeled after that time of the porcelain tableware. Customers can wear clothes of ancient dynasty and then listen to the eating habits of the palace and nobles by butler. The characteristic of the food is the food in different dynasty.
Add: Hubei and Hunan Guild Hall Culture Experience Area, No.4 of Dongshui Gate, Yuzhong District (渝中区东水门正街4号湖广会馆古代文化体验区内)
Opening Hour: 9:00-18:00
Hubei and Hunan Guild Hall

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