Top Chongqing Jianghu Dishes Restaurants

In Chongqing, Jianghu dishes were popular at the beginning of the last century the nineties. The earliest come from Gele mountain town, there was a roadside store named Linzhongle selling peppery chicken, and later Nanshan spring chicken, Cuiyun boiled fish, spicy shrimp, pickled chilli rabbit, Youting crucian, braised roast chicken and other Jianghu dishes were popular for a year or two. Other areas also have Jianghu dishes, but they don’t like Chongqing Jianghu dishes, from the vision and taste to give a person feeling of vigorous and comfortable.
A Biao Private Home Cuisine(阿标私房菜馆)

If there are no frequent customers to lead the way, you have better not to go into the private restaurant. First is that his restaurant do not has trade name and is not in the side of the road, it is in an old residential building; Second is that A Biao is grumpy, he does not receive the people he dislike.

A Biao restaurant is less like a restaurant, unexpectedly there is even no refrigerator in the kitchen. He will buy the fresh ingredients to make when there is coming customers, and there is no MSG and pepper spice, he said those things will be harmful to your head. More interesting is that a small roon next to the dining room is a hair salon, A Biao is not only a cook, is also a hairdresser.

Regular customer all knows "overlord items" here that he charges 60 Yuan a person, not receive group of people under 8 people. People can't make their order, what to eat is full of his word. If you can carefully observe the above rules, then you can sit in a large green log long table quietly, listen to the A Biao’s favorite Indian music, and see A Biao with long hair looks like a magic sorcerer conjure up all kinds of delicious food from the kitchen.
Add: The first house after going upstairs, next to Bank of China, the opposite of Qiujing Middle School near Shangqing Temple. (上清寺求精中学对门中国银行旁。楼梯上去,第一家)
A Biao Private Home Cuisine

Seasoned Jianghu Dishes(老道江湖菜)

Seasoned Jianghu Dishes located in Dadukou, now in the circle of diners have small reputation and its reputation is good. It is relatively distinctive one, here "adhere to the CEO cook by himself" and "insisted on not discount", in addition, there is hearsay that many people “find his or her love” or “wage is increased” after eating the food there are many customers come together and eat in here.

Recommended reason: the dishes here have bold and unstrained features of Jianghu dishes, and can also experience the private kitchens of the delicate state of mind, and with the addition to using the traditional cooking skills of Sichuan, on food choice and taste collocation here insists on real stuff. Its beautiful environment, convenient transportation and good service make here an ideal place for friend to have dinner, couples dating or family reunion.

Address: slope upward next to the Dadukou court大渡口法院旁边斜坡上行左右(轻轨平安站下,从钢花路出口出站,走出来就是大渡口区人民法院。前有个红绿灯,走左边路口上行)
Seasoned Jianghu Dishes

Chunyang Restaurant(纯阳酒家)

Whether it is windy or rain all the year round, Chunyang Restaurant only sells cold dishes, such as cold eggplant with sauce and pickled pig tail. There are two taste soup, sour pickled cabbage soup and lima bean soup. Liquor served here is sorghum wine, a bottle of 100g and after using hot water to warm the liquor it can be serve on the table.

Address: near the main street food market of Piba Mountain (枇杷山正街菜市附近)
Chunyang Restaurant

The Youngest Spring Chicken(老幺泉水鸡)

The Youngest Spring Chicken is located in the middle of Nanshan Mountain (South Hill). The signature dishes of this restaurant is of "three ways to eat a chicken"--the spring chicken, boiled chicken blood, and the flavor of the pickled pepper chicken giblets are in accordance with spicy as Chongqing food. The store environment is good, but the taste of food is general and the price is a little bit expensive.

The Youngest Spring Chicken

Add: No.247 Chongwen Road, Spring Chicken Street, Nanan District, Chongqing (重庆市南岸区泉水鸡一条街重文路247号)
How to get there: Taking bus No.384 to Caribbean Water World Stop and walk for 200 meters
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
The Youngest Spring Chicken

Linzhongle Peppery Chicken(林中乐辣子鸡)

On the Gele Mountain, there is a famous dish peppery chicken. Linzhongle Peppery Chicken claims its peppry chicken is the first, and it is spicy taste. Peppery chicken is generally selected local born and bred chickens by farmers, very nutritious. Chicken will be cleaned up, and took out heart, chicken liver and gut, then stripped and sliced uniformly, later stirred fried with ginger, green peppers, etc., which has color bright and in good taste.
Linzhongle Peppery Chicken
Glutinous rice duck, generally choose family farmed ducks, glutinous rice is soft and sticky, and duck is very fine. Wash duck and cut into square pieces, then wrap with glutinous rice and fry with eggs, the color will be more bright beautiful and taste crispy, it is surely worth a try.

Pumpkin soup, pumpkins are native to the farmhouse, very local, sweet and very soft. Pumpkin peeled and cut into squares uniformly. The chops with small bones, coupled with the luscious taste of pumpkin, it is refreshing.

The restaurant decoration is pure, fresh and elegant, wooden tables and chairs are antique. The hall lighting effect is good, the waiters are very patient.
Add: Ficus virens of three hundreds stairs, Gele Mountain, Shapingba District, Chongqing (重庆市沙坪坝区歌乐山三百梯黄桷树)
How to get there: Taking bus No.201 to Bai’s Mansion and walk for 700 meters
Opening Hour: 9:30-21:00


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