Famous Muslim Restaurants in Chongqing

Where to have Halal meal in Chongqing? Here, Top China Travel will introduce some famous Muslim food restaurants in Chongqing to show you where to eat Halal  food.

Chongiqng Qingjuzhai Halal Restaurant(重庆庆聚斋清真餐厅)

Chongqing Qingjuzhai Halal Restaurant belongs to the mosque in Chongqing, Chongqing Islamic association. The main service of this restaurant is Chinese meal, concurrently engage in hot pot. Chongqing Qingjuzhai Halal Restaurant is located in Muslim Mansion Level Ground, No.5 of Zhongxing Road, Yuzhong District, only less than 100 meters away from the Jiaochang entry, metro line 1, light rail line 2 has Jiaochangkou stop. And it is adjacent to the Jiangfangbei, where are several minutes driving from Chongqing Caiyuanba railway station. The geographical position is very superior, the traffic is very convenient.
Chongqing Qingjuzhai halal restaurant interior decoration is elegant, has full-bodied exotic feelings of Arab Muslims, and is ideal dining place for business banquets, family party. Restaurant mainly serves all kinds of characteristic flavor dishes followed the Muslim custom, maintains a strict standard of the raw materials, raw materials procurement are under the leadership of the mosque directly according to the requirements of the Muslim strict censorship.

Famous Muslim Restaurants in Chongqing-Chongiqng Qingjuzhai Halal Restaurant

Chongqing Ningxia Hui Muslim Restaurant(重庆宁夏回乡斋清真餐厅)

Chongqing Ningxia Hui Muslim Restaurant engaged in all kinds of cuisines: stir-fry, northwest flavor, halal Sichuan-style, special hotpt, big plate chicken of Xinjiang, is the authentic Ningxia Muslim restaurant. Service there is very good. It has clean environment and food is very good. Northwest cuisine or Sichuan cuisine taste good and authentic. Garlic chicken wing is sweet and crispy, kebab is in strong cumin flavor, stir noodle is also very tasty, and some dishes taste like Xinjiang local food. Particularly recommended Jinsha beef, although the wrapper is added fried breadcrumbs, the beef is still fresh and tender inside.
Add: Head: No.12 of Zhongxing Road, Yuzhong District (across the Mosque)
Branch: No.16 Yunan Avenue, Huaxi Street, Banan District, Chongqing

Famous Muslim Restaurants in Chongqing-Chongqing Ningxia Hui Muslim Restaurant

Zhen Shun Yi Halal Restaurant (真伊顺清真美食坊)

Chongqing and Xinjiang Zhen Shun Yi Halal Restaurant is a Muslim restaurant, serving mainly halal cuisine and has received the honorary titles such as Chongqing catering shop, famous halal food shops, Chinese old and famous halal restaurant, Chongqing featured cuisine restaurant, and in 2014 China Central TV choose Zhen Yi Shun Halal Restaurant to introduce Chongqing halal food. To taste halal food flavor, and appreciate the Muslim food culture, you can choose to try professional Zhen Shun Yi Halal Restaurant.
Signature Dishes: Xinjiang Kebab, stir-fried mutton, lamb chop with pepper, tomato oxtail soup
Add: first subbranch: No.5 Zhongxing Road, Yuzhong District
Second subbranch: No.101-20 Longxi Songpai Road, Yubei District
Third subbranch: No.62-13 Tianchen Road, Shapingba District

Famous Muslim Restaurants in Chongqing-Zhen Shun Yi Halal Restaurant

Mountain City Mutton Restaurant (Chinese:山城羊肉馆)

It is said to be a famous and old local restaurant, here the taste never changed said the locals, so there are many people looking forward to. Its shop front is relatively large, but due to it is very hot so there are many people waiting for available seats to eat even it is at noon. Sometimes you may need to wait for more than twenty minutes to find an available table to have meal. Lamb haggis soup is palatable, and the signature dishes of steamed mutton with rice flour, stewed mutton rice noodle and braised lamb chop are indeed savory. Haggis soup is thick with a large bowl; the smell of mutton rice noodle is very fresh, rice noodle is elastic; and braised mutton is just fine and delicious.

Famous Muslim Restaurants in Chongqing-Mountain City Mutton Restaurant

Ding Shi Ju(鼎食居)

Ding Shi Ju is an old mutton restaurant in Chonging. Its environment is not very good, for the first time you go there you will certainly shock by its small place and poor environment. But later you will surprise by mutton steamed mutton with rice flour which is really yummy, well cooked but not mushy, thin rather than firewood, mellow taste from others with no muttony odor. Haggis soup is milky white, and you can drink free refills; sauce Tofu is very delicious, and it taste great that mix sauce with rice, at the same time you can order a dish of pickled cabbage to eat together with rice, which is really savory. The steamed mutton with rice flour is special and tasty indeed, 7 Yuan/basket. It is pure lamb, without other dishes and it tastes spicy, delicious and affordable, but the rice flour is a little bit more! Mix fermented bean curd, 5 Yuan/plate, it is a large piece of inner fat tofu that add with sweet sauce, sesame paste, hot pepper oil, chopped green onion, condiments, and other ingredients, it is very delicious. When you come here, you must drink a bowl of haggis soup. Haggis soup is 8 Yuan a bowl of soup, mutton soup is 9 Yuan. The soup here is original taste that it does not add salt, but it adds some caraway.
Famous Muslim Restaurants in Chongqing-Ding Shi Ju 
Here to eat a meal cost not much money, two people have a meal here will cost generally 30 or so, however, if you are a big stomach gourmet, the meal of two people is about 50 or 60 Yuan.

Famous Muslim Restaurants in Chongqing-Ding Shi Ju

The above are some famous muslim restaurants offering authentic Halal food in Chongqing. If you can only eat  Halal food while travelling in Chongqing, you can go to one of the above places to enjoy your meals.

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