Must Eat Snacks in Ciqikou

Ciqikou Ancient Town in Chongqing area, formerly known as Long Yin town, since the Ming and Qing dynasties, it is famous in the area of Bashu which is the nearest town landscape away from Chongqing urban area. Former Ciqikou Ancient Town is a boisterous water wharf, goods distribution center for the Jialing River downstream. That invariable simplicity of ancient customs makes it become the epitome of the ancient city of Chongqing ancient city symbolic.

There are 12 lanes in Ciqikou Ancient Town, the ground planked by the stone slabs, architectures in the both sides of the street is the Ming and Qing style. Nowadays the Ciqikou Ancient Town preserved relatively intact ancient buildings, developed oil, reel off raw silk from cocoons, sugar, knead dough figurine, Sichuan opera traditional performances and a variety of traditional snacks, tea houses, etc. In the town, the most distinctive scene is the teahouse. Until now, the teahouse is still scenery in the Ciqikou Ancient Town, hundreds of meters of old street has 13 tea houses.
Chen’s Fried Dough Twist(瓷器口陈麻花)

Now Fried Dough Twist almost become the pronoun of Chongqing Ciqikou Ancient Town, has become a model of Chongqing characteristics snacks. The store with longest queue every day is Chen’s Fried Dough Twist in the whole Ciqikou Ancient Town. Dough twist taste tender, and there is variety of dough twist in unique taste. The general dough twist taste sweet and delicious, suitable for young and old of all ages; Salt and crisp, spicy flavor is well received by Chongqing people that sweet, hot and spicy taste blend together; people who like to eat sweet can try honey, purple yam or strawberry taste, etc.
Add: The First Store in the left of the Memorial Arch Entry in Ciqikou, Shapingba District (重庆市沙坪坝区磁器口牌坊口左边第一家)
Opening Hour: 8:00-21:00
How to get there: Taking bus No.201, 306, 308, 321 to Jiaochangkou (Ciqikou Street)
Chen’s Fried Dough TwistChen’s Fried Dough Twist

Duoyijia Ancient Town Chicken Giblets (Ciqikou Branch) (多一家古镇鸡杂)

In Ciqikou Ancient Town there is a lot of chicken giblets shop, but the most tasteful is Duoyijia Ancient Town chicken giblets. So the store full of customers every day. Duoyijia chicken giblets, served hot and red chicken giblets which let a person particularly have appetite. And chicken giblets here tastes so the spicy. Boiled blood curd here is also worth a try. It has adequate weight, hot and spicy. Of course, nothing is perfect, the store environment can only be rated as general.
Add: No.65-1 Central Street of Ciqikou, Shapingba District (沙坪坝区磁器口正街65附1号)
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
Transport Information: Taking bus No.224, 503 to Ciqikou East Gate and can walk there


 Handmade Glutinous Rice Cake (手工糍粑)

Glutinous Rice Cake is also one of Chongqing's characteristic snacks and assistant will hit the big lump of glutinous rice with mallet in front of the shop. The shop is an old man who hit the rice cake. Glutinous rice cake is taste chewy and sweeter; people who prefer sweets, coupled with some brown sugar will make it very delicious, but if you eat too much it is greasy.
Handmade Glutinous Rice Cake
Add: No.120 Central Street of Ciqikou, Shapingba District (重庆沙坪坝区磁器口正街120号)
Opening Hour: 10:00-20:00
How to get there: Taking bus No.224, 503 to Ciqikou East Gate and walk for about 219 meters.

Handmade Glutinous Rice Cake

 Sugar of Shu (蜀中糖门)

Shops in the not far away from the main road, the facade of the shop is bigger with two floors. Tables and chairs are of antique beauty with special characteristic. The stool is a small bench of fish shape; and table is also a fish tank, the table surface is a transparent glass and under it is fish tank. Taking away the menu on the table, you can see little fish swimming around in the fish tank. On the second floor it is a good place to sit by the window and appreciate the scenery at the street looking from the window of second floor. The store sells all kinds of snacks, like custard with double creme, syrup of plum, takoyaki (fried small octopus balls) in several different flavors.
Add: During the Ciqikou Ancient Town, Shapingba District (沙坪坝区磁器口古镇内)
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
How to get there: Taking bus N0.202. 220, 224, 237, 261, 467, 503, 808 to Ciqikou stop

Sugar of Shu

Mao Village the First Ancient Town Chicken Giblets (茂庄第一家古镇鸡杂)

This is in a must eat chicken giblets when you visit to Ciqikou Ancient Town or its surrounding. It will not be hard to find, ask people along the street you can find it, because it is quite famous. Store decoration style shows ancient town style totally, the old man is always stands in front of the shop to drum up business. Chicken giblets are in enough measurement with a bowl. When you eat it, it is hot and spicy which extremely full of Chongqing characteristic. Even as a side dish, the konjac absorbed the essence of soup, very tasty.
Add: No.74 to 78 Central Street, Ciqikou, Shapingba District (重庆沙坪坝区磁器口正街74-78号)
Opening Hour: 6:00-24:00
How to get there: Taking bus N.301, 306, 308, 321 to Jiaochangkou (Ciqikou)

Mao Village the First Ancient Town Chicken Giblets

Hu’s Sad Bean Jelly (胡氏伤心凉粉)

Sad bean jelly is one of the Sichuan Han nationality Hakka delicacies. Why it called Sad Bean Jelly there are two sayings: one is that, sad bean jelly is made by Guangdong hakka who living in the Luodai town, they made this when they had homesick and because long for hometown they were very sad, so this bean jelly named sad bean jelly; Second refers to the bean jelly is very spicy, when people eat bean jelly will appear tears, others may thought if they were in sorrow.
This restaurant mixed together with pickled pepper, chili powder and chili oil so it smells particularly spicy, and sour spicy taste is very special, hot but still feel special enough. Their Dan Dan noodles are also very good, very chewy. Environment is general, it is in a small shop located in the Ciqikou alley but very crowded.
Add: Old Street Hutong, Ciqikou, Shapingba District (沙坪坝区磁器口老街胡同)
Opening Hour: 9:00-21:00
How to get there: Taking bus No.224 and 530 to Ciqikou East Gate and walk around 219 meters.

Hu’s Sad Bean Jelly

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