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Shengjian and Guotie

Shengjian, fried steamed bread and Guotie, fried dumplings (pot stickers) are two of Shanghai most famous exports. These foods can be found throughout China, and across the globe. These two dishes can be found at almost every breakfast table in Shanghai.

About Guotie

Guotie is a kind of fried dumpling contains a juicy pork filling, much like Xiao Long Bao. The various tastes of Guotie, including pumpkins, black, fish, etc., make this food become a necessary food in Shanghaiese breakfast. You can find Guotie no matter in the vendors' stalls on streets or in those local restaurants.

About Shengjian

Shengjian mantou is the complete name of this food. It is a type of small, pan-fried baozi which is a specialty of Shanghai. Stuffed like Xiao Long Bao with lightly spiced pork filling that sweats out a delicious juice during cooking, Shengjian Bao are fried in a large covered shallow pan (often alongside Guotie)
Although it is a ubiquitous breakfast item in Shanghai, it has a significant place in the city culture.

Where to Eat

Two of Shanghai most popular Shengjian restaurants are the Fengyu Shengjian Restaurant, and the Xiaoyang Shengjian Restaurant. These restaurants are so popular that they usually have lines of people outside waiting to place an order.

Eating in Shanghai

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