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Shanghai Crawfish

If you would like to eat seafood in Shanghai, the first recommended course will be the Shanghai crawfish. Shanghai citizens does not eat much spicy food, but when they pass a crawfish restaurant, they always try really hard to keep themselves from drooling.
Shanghai Crawfish

How to Eat

This cuisine gets many different names such as crayfish, crawfish, crawdads, "little dragon shrimp" or "little lobsters". Although they use different words to express their love of this food, everyone knows that the citizens love their Xiao Long Xia.

The idea of cracking the crayfish, sucking out the meat and licking the messy goodness off our fingers is way too enchanting.
Shanghai Crawfish

Two Famous Places to Taste Shanghai crawfish

Set up in 2002 and now developed with 16 outlets around town, FOMO Crawfish Restaurant has become one of Shanghai's most well-known crayfish chains. Take a convenient situation in Huaihai Zhong Lu, The FOMO is one of the most popular restaurants to serve Shanghai crawfish cuisines. Be prepared to wait in line, especially during high season.
Shanghai Crawfish

Duan Crayfish is probably the only crayfish restaurant in Shanghai that has an open kitchen. Customers can pick up crawfish by themselves because those live crayfish are displayed. Your selections are weighed in front of you so you can be sure to get exactly what you pay for. The venue's interior decor doesn't set it apart from other small Chinese restaurants, but it does look cleaner than most.

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