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Old Shanghai Restaurant

Address: NO.242, Fuyou Road, Shanghai.
Signature Dishes: Duck with Garnish, Braised Three Delicacies, Spicy Garnish

Old Shanghai Restaurant is a Shanghai culinary style restaurant and has a hundred-year-old establishment in this city. With a 100-year history, it is the oldest restaurant serving local Shanghai dishes and is famous for its seafood.

Its local dishes are unique in the catering industries of this area. They are particular to the raw materials which must be alive and fresh. The dishes in this restaurant emphasis the bright colors, the alluring smells and strong flavors. Its trump dishes include Duck with Garnish, Braised Three Delicacies and Spicy Garnish.

At Shanghai Old Restaurant, all kinds of private rooms are on the 3rd floor with more than 300 seats. And the rooms are decorated in different styles including European style and the design in 1930s. The names of these rooms are also unique since they are all named after the scenic spots of Lucheng which can combine the food and culture simultaneously. In addition, there are two extra-large private rooms that equipped with reception rooms, washing rooms and gold tableware. At the same time, the room services are provided for every customer.

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