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Lv Bo Lang Restaurant

Address: No.115, Yuyuan Road, Shanghai 
Recommended Dishes: elaborate Shanghai snacks, Soviet-styled dim sum

Located in the Jiuqu Bridge at the old Chenghuang (Town God) Temple, Shanghai Lv Bo Lang Restaurant is the most famous pastry shop selling dozens of light refreshments in both Shanghai and Lake Taihu pleasureboat styles.
Shanghai Lv Bo Lang Restaurant

The dishes served here include steamed buns stuff with mushroom and vegetable, stuffed buns with three kinds of sliced meat and vegetable, pyramid-shaped dumpling of glutinous rice, ham wrapped in reed leaves, and flaky cakes stuffed with jujube paste. The Lu Bo Corridor faces the mid-lake pavilion. With an elegant and quaint aroma, it serves Shanghai food, and is especially noted for Shanghai snacks like Crab Powder Stuffed Bun (steamed in small bamboo utensils). Vegetable and Meat Steamed Dumpling, Date Paste Stuffed Crisp Cake and Three Shreds Crisp Pastry.
Shanghai Lv Bo Lang Restaurant

With more than 30 years history, Lu Bo Lang Restaurant is a popular destination for national and foreign government officials. Its variety of delicate Soviet-styled dim sum is widely praised. It is also famous for its unique view of Yuyuan Garden Bridge of Nine Turns.
Shanghai Lv Bo Lang Restaurant

This restaurant has played host to world leaders attending the APEX Summit, as well as President Bill Clinton and President Fidel Castro.

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