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Yubeng Village


Diqing, Yunnan Province.

Reasons to visit

Quiet and beautiful village.

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  • All day.
Yubeng Village (Chinese name: 雨崩村) of Yunling Country, Deqin County in Yunnan Province, means a gathering place of Jewry in Tibetan language. Due to no highway to access Yubeng village, one can only get there by trekking or horse-riding for 18 kilometers, and crossing over a pass for 3700 meters. Under the extraordinary craftsman by nature, Yubeng village is deemed as a miniature of mythical Shangri-la and representation of fairyland.
Staying in beautiful and mythic Yubeng and trekking in and around this mountain range allows hikers the opportunity not only to experience nature but also to get a glimpse of fairy land. Situated in the back of Meili Snow Mountain, Yubeng village has a unique geographical environment with only some 30 resident families and one way access to the outside world. Yubeng village includes the Upper Yubeng, where the Sino-Japanese Joint Climbing Camp is located, and the Lower Yubeng where trekkers and Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims continue their journey for bath in the “Sacred Yubeng Waterfall”. 

Legend of Yubeng Village

Legend goes that in the old times, Yubeng Village was unknown to the outside world. One day, an old man was found trying to borrow highland barley from Xidang Village near Lancang River. No one knew where he came from; so some people figured out an idea and traced him but in vain because on the way the old man disappeared. Later on, when he came back for more food again, Xidang villagers objected and told him: “we aren’t going to lend you barley or wheat, but just some millet”. When they loaded the food for the old man, some smart guys made small holes on the bags. After he started his journey back home, he was traced again; but he didn’t realize the holes on the bags had spilled the millets along the way. When he arrived at a huge rock, again he disappeared. So the surprised and uninformed villagers pried up the rock and Yubeng Village was discovered.

The trip to Yubeng village will be a journey of the heart. When you raising your eyes to the night sky, you will see a great many twinkling stars are shinning; when you walk in the dark night, you may dance with wood elf; the beautiful flower sea, the curls of cooking smoke from village, the towering snow mountain, all of these make you feel like walking into Wonderland when you trek in here, like a dream but not a dream. Frazzle can’s stop you from explore for truth and beauty.


After you visit Mingyong Glacier and head towards south to Xidang village, and go back to Yubeng village by riding horse from Xidang village for 6 hours. Or you can take a bus from Deqin to Xidang directly and you can see the snow mountain en route. With the night is getting darker, you can stay at Xidang Hot Spring (also called “hot-water pond” by local people) in the south of Xidang village for 30 yuan a person. And you go on your ride Yubeng village the second day, the riding fee you ride to the pass charge 210 yuan, and from pass to Yubeng village charge 150 yuan. It is about 12 kilometers from scenic spot like Sacred Waterfalls and Ice Lake to Yubeng village.


1. You have better book a horse before you go to Xidang village, otherwise you will waste time.
2. Base Camp can arrange you to visit Ice Lake together.


1. Ensuring you will have enough time. The round trips from Hot Spring to Yubeng village needs two days at least, three days or four days are better.
2. We suggest that you chose trekking as far as possible because you can control your time and your pace and it is more convenient to take pictures. It takes some time to reach your destination by riding horse because horse needs to rest en route either, and riding horse is not cheap.
3. About equipment is mainly about clothing and shoes. It is humid in Meili area with plenty of rain, so you should pay attention to rain and moisture. And you have better prepare some insect repellent medicine to protect yourself from Tibetan louse.
4. About food, we suggest you to bring some chocolate and processed meat product, for example, you can buy some yak jerky in Lijiang and Zhongdian because it is difficult to eat fresh meat in Yubeng village, and daily foods are potatoes, vegetables and eggs. But physical consumption is high; vegetables cannot meet your needs.
5 There is signal from Xidang Hot Spring and Nazongla Pass, but after Nazongla Pass will remain off the hook. Therefore, Nazongla Pass is the last station you can keep contact with outside world.
6. Respect the local custom: in some places of Yubeng village, there is polygamy, that is women can be married to more than one people. When you communicate with Tibetans, you must pay attention to their subtle relationship.
7. Most of villagers of Yubeng have no regular education, they can’t read in general. And they speak Tibetan language; women and children can’t speak Mandarin in the most situations, so it is easier to talk with men.
8. Draw lots for the horse: if there are two people or more wants to ride horse, you need draw lots to decide to ride which horse. No matter what you get, you cannot change your horse by your own; otherwise you possibly rent no horse and cause troubles. This rule made by Tibetans is their own way to ensure fairness and it is useful in many places of Tibet.


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