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Haba Snow Mountain


Southeast of Shangri-la, Diqing, Yunnan Province.

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Snow mountain.

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  • All day.
Haba Snow Mountain (Chinese name: 哈巴雪山) is a mountain rising above the Mt. Everest due to Himalaya orogeny in Shangri-La, Yunnan China. “Haba” is a word from Naxi, means gold flower. It stands 5396 meters and rises opposite the higher Yulong Xueshan and towers 3,500 meters above the river. This formidable relative elevation forms a distinct Alpine vertical climate.
Haba Snow Mountain is a mountain rising above the Mt. Everest due to Himalaya orogeny located in the southeast of Shangri-La. "Haba" means golden flower in Naxi language. Legend has it that Haba Snow Mountain and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is two brothers, the Jinsha River is flowing between them, thus forming the Tiger Leaping Gorge.
The brother of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain---Haba Snow Mountain is not as famous as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain though it is close to it. Because of this the commercial breath is not so strong that the original ecology has been remained. The world famous Tiger Leaping Gorge is located between the Haba Snow Mountain and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the gorge is several decameters deep. And you can hear the roar of Lancang River running from the bottom.
4000 meters up in Haba Snow Mountain Nature Reserve are steep snow peaks, flowstone beach and glacier. The terrain below 4000 meters slopes gentle, the landscape shows ladder-like distribution with temperate zone, followed by cold temperate zone and cold zone. This can be concluded as the miniature of climate in the whole northwest of Yunnan, the temperature differences between bottom and top of the mountain is 22.8℃. The natural scenery there consists of main peak, Moraine Lake, azalea and snow mountain waterfalls.


Haba Snow Mountain 5396 m stands in Yunnan Province in Southern China East Himalaya region 120 kilometers to the southeast of the Zhongdian county and Haba Snow Mountain has a total area of 21908 hectares, and approximately 1550 meters Low of administrative village along the river, the elevation is 3846 meters.

Culture and History

► At the ancient time, before February in 1995, Haba Snow Mountain is unknown. October in 1995, under the leading of Yunnan adventure travel agency Jinfeibiao, 4 people have climbed to the top of the mountain, the first route is traditional route climbing from northwest side of slope.   
1996—1998, Yunnan adventure travel agency has organized 8 times business climbing, and 21 people have reached the summit.
In October, 1999, outdoor climbing team of Meili, Yunnan reached the summit; they went northwest side of ridge in the first time.
In February, 2001, Kunming Jungle Bird Club team up, 6 people reached the summit this time.
In October of 2002, Kunming Mountaineering Association team up, 4 people reached the summit. The same month, 8 people of Guizhou Youth Climbing team reached the summit. In February of 2003, under the leading of Vanke Group Chairman Wanshi, 7 people reached the summit.
► In May of 2003, Kunming Shanye Travel Agency team up to come out on the top of mountain.
Since 1995, there were 200 more people reached the summit successfully.

Advice for Mountaineers

Entrance of Haba Snow Mountain: Tiger Leaping Gorge
Mountaineering level: Entry level
Tiger Leaping Gorge is located between the Haba Snow Mountain and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Haba Snow Mountain hasn’t been developed yet; altitude of main peak is less than 5500 meters which is entry level for beginner to climb Snow Mountain, therefore many of the avid mountaineers to start climbing from here. In a fine summer day, ordinary tourists may reach the summit successfully if they follow the professional climbers. However there are some accidents happened, some of famous travelers died here, so everything needs to be paid full attention and taken care of.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Lijiang---Shangri-La Haba village (you can see the whole scenic spot of Tiger Leaping Gorge)---Shangri-La riverside Bianxin village ( you can enjoy idyllic scenery of Shangri-La)---Haba Snow Mountain scenic spot---Haba village “ Haba Inn upon the cloud”(2600M)

Day 2: Haba Inn upon the cloud---Yi nationality village (2800M) (original religion, original living structure, original life style) --- sheep’s shed (3100M) (pasture) ---Lanhua Ping(3500M) (you can see the peak of Haba Snow Mountain and see the primeval forest)--- rhododendron forest(3900M) ( you can see various of mountain rhododendron in this place where is named the second Jiuzhaigou)---Bay Sea(4200M high, you can view plateau lake there) or you can stay at Lanhua Ping

Day 3: Bay Sea---Yellow Sea---Small Sea---Base camp(4100M) (enjoy the sight of plateau)
Day 4: come out on the top of the mountain and return to Haba village, or you can stay at base camp and return Haba village the second day.
Day5: go back to Lijiang or Shangri-la.

Best Travel Time

Timing: March to June, September to December
The best season to climb: 15th, March to 30th, June or 15th, September to 15th, December. The rest season time is rain season or wind season which may have a great impact on climbing.

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